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Kevin Take another option here, and let’s discuss a little detail about some of the most talked about problems that people are experiencing in the present, and perhaps if you could offer some ideas to do to help them. I am sure that at first we’ll begin with osteoporosis. Many women are concerned about osteoporosis, and are worried about calcium and taking calcium tablets. So, what are some pros and drawbacks to that?

David Yes,, the countries which consume the highest amount of calcium, including the United States, Canada and the Scandinavian countries, suffer from the most osteoporosis. That is because the concept of mineralization, or our notion of nutrition is wrong. The basic idea is that about a century ago they started to examination of the bones of people. They found out that the bones are made from calcium. If you’re someone who doesn’t have more than the required bone density, one might think you just need to consume more calcium, as that is the element that makes bones. Calcium is not the factor that makes bones and it is among the biggest myths that have ever been made and in reality, it gets to the root of the issues we face with science. It is true that the human body is an intricate biological system that is a source of awe. And there is evidence which suggests that when you consume some calcium, let’s suppose it’s coral calcium for instance oyster shell calcium. It is virtually impossible to incorporate that substance into your bones in order to improve bone density. The quantity of growing bone density, which is the most successful, is about 1-2%. This isn’t enough.

What raises bone density? It turns out that it is actually two different minerals and those are the magnesium and silicon. In the end, the best magnesium source that is all-natural is cacao and it is believed to be excellent for teeth. There are chemical compounds found in cacao that kill Streptococci Mutans, which causes cavities. It is true that all the extracts of cacao will soon appear in toothpaste around the world.

Kevin: No kidding?

David: That’s awesome. This to me is this kind of amazing irony.

Kevin: Wow.

Kevin Wolfe: All alongside chocolate is great for enamel. It’s the sugar that has not good, but there are studies have been conducted for people who consume chocolate despite sugar, and it has actually being observed through the results of a study conducted in Scandinavia regarding this. It’s been proven that those taking in chocolate have better healthy and fitter higher than people who don’t. For me, this is amazing. Let’s move on to silicon since it is the mineral that is difficult to obtain in the modern-day food. What exactly is silicon? It’s an elemental mineral. It is found inside the pores and skin of cucumbers. It’s actually inside the skin and pores of bell peppers. It’s the skin of tomatoes. It’s found in particular herbsthat I’m going to mention, and drink in tea or drink it as a supplement and you’ll notice it improves the density of your bones.

Below are the herbs. Some of them are known as horse tail, horse tail but it isn’t. It’s really an herb. Another one is the nettle. Stinging nettles were consumed by the druids of the U.K. for countless numbers of years and is among the most nutritious foods you can consume if you know how to make it happen or juice it. Or, you could dry it out and make a tea of it. This is the reason I’m suggesting horses tails, nettle, and oat straw. The oat seed from the oat grass contains some straws around it. It’s covered with a thin layer. The seed capsule. Oat straws are one of the richest sources of silicon. It can be purchased from health food stores. You can find extracts from products for health and fitness retailers.

You can purchase it raw and then make your own tea from it. Combine with a couple of others and if If you wish, you can add alfalfa, which is an excellent food source for silicon. You could make tea with it or simply consume them any way you can find them. If you drink three strong teas of each day, you’ll begin to see a rise in your bone density , but what is it? It’s the silicon. What is the way that silicon can increase calcium? It’s not a good impression. This is because our mineral theory is wrong. Our concept of the atomic is flawed. If you consume silicon-rich foodstuffs, your body, using the power of enzymes , transforms it into calciumand transforms this silicon to calcium. It was discovered by a renowned French scientist by the name of Louis Curvan, a Nobel prize winner who composed five books and 5,000 pages of research about this specific topic the way that calcium and silicon are connected to each other.

It was very well-respected in France and he is deeply involved in the research of what’s happening in France but because of the language barrier, his work did not make it to the countries that speak English.

Kevin It’s fascinating that we continuing to take calcium supplements from seashells and everything else.

David We recommend it to god, I are aware of how this has become so well-known into our heads regarding calcium, if are unsure about this, hop on the internet and look up precisely who’s obtaining the final outcomes of remineralizing their bones. You may find it is people who aren’t taking the kinds of calcium that can be harmful, such as includes oyster shell calcium, and in some cases, even coral calcium.

Kevin The bones have alkalines, so don’t you think that the acidity of the sugars and meats – will it eat away at the bones? Does that mean that it has been confirmed or is it an idea I’m imagining I have?

David It’s a huge dilemma, and is the other part of the osteoporosis equation. One of the reasons is that we’ve been able to ensure that we receive adequate nutrition to create solid bones. The second aspect in the picture is that we need to ensure we’re achieving things that aren’t affecting our bones. Intaking a large amount of sugar is one of the most damaging things we can cause to our overall enamel health which is the living bones, as well as to the density of our bones, simply because when we take in a large amount of sugar, our body has to utilize calcium, and it needs to remove calcium from the bones to neutralize or buffer the extreme acidity of sugar. Calcium is very alkaline as you mentioned. Our bones are acidic and therefore the alkaline minerals are utilized when we are exposed to powerful acids. Sugar is a very solid acid. I’m referring to, for instance that we used it to dissolve the corrosion on the battery terminals in our bus by dropping soda pop into it, mostly because sugar is dissolved as the acid phosphoric dissolves all the corrosion to the terminal of the battery. I’m implying that you shouldn’t want to put the substance in your body. That’s perilous.

Kevin: Let’s get into supplements just a bit. When you enter an establishment selling health-related products and there are literally thousands in them. How do you navigate them to find those which aid in losing weight and also longevity? Is really what I believe that the fountain of youth about? Which of them are most efficient? I am referring to rhodiola, turmeric and cinnamon. I indicate which are the ones that today’s people should be focusing on not necessarily acquiring but should be paying attention to?

David What are these kinds of a great question. My job is to guide people through general health food stores and to make sense of the chaos. There are many products. The most crucial thing, in my opinion, that you will find from a health food store in this section is likely to contain vitamin C.

Kevin: Alright. What kind?

David In reality, you can find different kinds of. It is recommended that you begin to experiment, shifting away from the artificial forms of vitamin C, or ascorbic acid which are in the present beneficial, but not ideal for your health, as well as moving to powdered, really large vitamin C-rich plants. For example, you can get acerola cherry. It’s a tropical berry which is extremely high in Vitamin C. It’s about one or two percent vitamin C, and it’s grow the fruit. They dry them, then grind them into powders and then make them into a capsule or place them in a glass jar , and give them to the stores of wellness food items with vitamin C. This is an excellent method of obtaining lots of vitamin C naturally and with all the cofactors. Vitamin C needs cofactors such as bioflavonoids and rutin, which are found in these powders such as acerola cherries. It can be taken in capsule form or incorporate it into your smoothies. It can be added in the water you drink in the early morning hours and it sort of sweetens your drinking water. It sweetens drinking water, but doesn’t have the ability to sugarize the drinking water.

Kevin: Gotcha.

David Vitamin C is sweet but it is not sweet. This makes your morning water easier to drink. So which is 1 thing, vitamin C. The next point is, what I believe to be, the best discovery in the final — in all probability in the past hundred decades in the discipline of nutrition other than vitamin C and enzymes and that is sulfur, MSM, Methylsulfonylmethane. MSM is a naturally accessible type of sulfur that is typically found in wild and in uncultivated food sources. We don’t have access to it ever. I’m saying, almost every food item we consume is grown on farms that we own. It isn’t naturally watered by rain. I’m talking about the pure sulfur produced by the oceans, which helps in the formation of clouds. It then releases it on the ground that is required nutritionally to create flexible collagen. So what is it a symbol? It typically signifies that sulfur produces flexible skin and amorphous muscle tissue. It prevents wrinkles and enhances the juiciness and elasticity of collagen as well as the discs, the joints which normally divide our bones from nearly every other. In addition to this, it boosts the development of our hair and our nails, and ensures that we can have a more robust and healthier growth of our nail and hair. It can be professionally done in two weeks after using MSM.

Kevin This is likely to grow like grass.

David The result is amazing and people and women who are looking for a thick, fast growth of their nails and hair are usually awed by how powerful MSM could be. You can purchase it by capsule. It is available in a powder. It is accessible in every health food store today. As soon as you start
If you are looking for the subject, and specifically the moment you decide to take this pill, here’s what you will discover. You are likely to discover it will be among the most crucial items you’ve ever tried. I’ve randomly surveyed hundreds of people regarding MSM. I am almost always to hear a similar story from those who have taken it in front of. It’s true, MSM altered my existence. I’ve listened to many times, that exact quote. OMG, MSM altered my existence.

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