Write a complete reflection essay using the problem tree method

Writing essays is difficult. However, the problem usually lies not in the writing itself but in the planning of the essay. If you have embarked on this path, then you have two methods that will lead you to the perfect essay: contact Bidforwriting if you need someone to write my research paper and read this article.

Understanding broad cause and effect relationships and putting them on paper can be particularly challenging.

However, there is a simple and effective solution for this: the problem tree method! It is suitable for writing any reflection essay, so you can use it, for example, in a high school writing test or even in a university essay.

What is the difficulty tree?

In short, the concern tree method is a problem-solving method. As the name suggests, it is used to address the main causes and effects of a issue and their solutions.

The idea of the method is similar to a mind map, but here the structure is much clearer. Cause and effect relationships are also much easier to identify.

Because of this, this method is used in tasks that require problem-solving and analysis, such as project planning and reflective essays.

Although the name of the method is simply the problem tree method, it consists of two parts: the problem tree and the solution tree.

In the problem tree, the problem is defined, its causes and consequences are considered. On the other hand, the decision tree helps to clarify the problem. In it, the causes of the problem are changed into objectives and the consequences of positive effects.

Problem tree

The first part of the method is to create a problem tree. It deals with the problem itself and its causes and effects. The problem tree is formed as follows:

Write the problem in question in the middle of the tree

  • Causes are written under the problem in the root system. What causes the problem under consideration?
  • Under the main causes, write the secondary causes, i.e., what causes the cause that causes the problem itself.
  • Above the problem in question, write its direct consequences. What are the consequences of the problem?
  • Write the indirect effects above the direct effects. What are the direct consequences of the problem?

After that, I wrote the causes that cause it in the root system below the problem (cf. the word “root cause”). Below them, I wrote the cause, which in turn is the main reason for the drop in Pisa results. In this case, there are two of them:

  • Decreased reading of books
  • Young children not reading
  • Lack of information about the benefits of reading
  • Excessive use of entertainment media
  • Smartphones have quickly become commonplace

I then wrote above the problem the consequences that arise from the problem at hand and the indirect consequences that in turn arise from the direct consequences:

Lower level of education

Worse financial situation

Try to find as many causes and effects as possible – direct and indirect.

Now that the problem, its causes and effects are identified, it is time to move on to the second part of the method:

Decision Tree.

In the second part of the method we can pay someone to write my paper to turn the problem tree into a positive one, i.e. we change the problem into a goal and think about how to achieve it and what positive consequences it has.

The problem tree is translated into a decision tree as follows:

  • Main causes → Goals, how will the goal be achieved?
  • Secondary causes → How are the goals implemented?
  • Direct consequences → Positive consequences
  • Indirect consequences → What impact does the positive consequence have?

Here is another illustrative figure:

The problem that was considered (Finland’s falling results in Pisa) was changed to an objective: to increase Finland’s results in Pisa.

Under the goal, there are objectives that need to be implemented to achieve it. Below I have written how the objectives will be implemented:

  • Books for young people
  • Read aloud to children from an early age
  • Let’s organize a campaign about the benefits of reading
  • Let’s reduce the use of phones in schools
  • Let’s ban phones in schools

Remember that the themes remain the same: for a specific reason, a specific goal emerges. For example, you may need someone to write my research paper free if there is lack of reading becomes one of the goals to be improved.

Above the goal are written the consequences of its achievement and their positive effect:

  • Pisa results are on the rise
  • Finland’s status as a model country for education will be maintained
  • Higher level of education
  • The financial situation improves

And that’s how you solved a social problem that plagues the world! Now you have the content of your project ready and you can write it.


The problem tree method is well suited for writing reflective essays if i need someone to write my research paper to get perfect result. It is very useful in structuring the essay because it makes it easy to see the cause and effect of the problem, as well as the methods of its solution and consequences.