Wotlk How To Get To Northrend | Check When Does It Come Out!

The Woltk How To Get To Northrend article will guide you in your quest to find your destination and determine the release time.

We’re here to inform World of Warcraft players of a recent update. The game is Worldwide very popular as a videogame. The internet is full of players trying to figure out how to get to Northrend.

Are you one of those players who is looking for information that will help you get to the Northrend in the game’s game? Read the article Wotlk How To Get to Northrend.

The way to Northrend.

World of Warcraft was an online videogame that was published by Blizzard entertainment in 2019. To improve the game, the developers have released Wrath of Lich King Classic.

We are here to help you understand the path for Horde or Alliance. The Player must decide his destination point, Borean Tundra or Howling Fjord within the Northrend. You can read the summary below to find out how you can reach Borean tundra first.

Let us discuss When does Wotlk Classic come out ?

Borean Tundra is accessible by all players, Alliance or Horde. Horde players can head to Orgimmar’s Main Gate at the southernmost gate. Follow the signs to the right until you find Zeppelin Tower. Two gates will be visible. Board Zeppelin and you’ll reach Borean Tundra.

Alliance players need to travel to Stormwind City harbor to find the northernmost dock. This is where you can find a boat to Borean Tundra. The boat will return when it returns.

Howling Fjord.

Horde players will need to take the Zeppelin, just to the left from the Orgimmar gate. This will lead you towards Tirisfal Glades. Now let’s learn how to get to Northrend . Alliance members must head to Menethil Harbor. The boat arrives and heads to Howling Fjord.

The Woltk Classic releases around the world are listed below. Below is a list with the listed timings.

On September 26,2022

  • 3:00 pm PDT
  • 6pm EDT
  • 7pm BRT
  • 11pm BST.

September 27,2022

  • 12am CEST
  • TRT at 1 AM
  • 2am GST
  • 6am CST
  • 7 am KST
  • 8am AEST.

Players, please refer to the timings and have fun.


This article will show you how to get to the Northrend in WoW Classic. It also explains the release date. You can easily read the Wotlk article on how to get to Northrend .

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