Why was Kitchen Nightmares Cancelled | Check More Details!

Do you wonder why Kitchen Nightmares was cancelled? Learn what Gordon Ramsay had to say about the cancellation of his show, and when “Kitchen Nightmares'” last episode aired.

Kitchen Nightmares

The American reality TV series “Kitchen Nightmares” was first broadcast on Fox. The show follows Gordon Ramsay, a renowned chef who is invited to spend a whole week in ailing restaurants to try and turn them around. The series is produced by ITV Studios America and is based on Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, a British show.

The first episode aired on Fox on September 19, 2007. Ramsay announced on June 23, 2014 that the series would end. The final episode was broadcasted September 12, 2014. In June 2018, Fox premiered a new show called Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back. The premise of this series is similar to Kitchen Nightmares, but it operates over a shorter time frame.

The YouTube channel for “Kitchen Nightmares”, despite the end of the show, is still active with more than 6.4 million subscribers. The channel features highlights of the show, and sometimes full episodes. A revival of the popular cooking show is also underway.

Why was Kitchen Nightmares cancelled?

It’s very likely that you will come across a program featuring the renowned chef Gordon Ramsay when flipping through TV channels. Gordon Ramsay’s TV presence is unmistakable with programs like “Hell’s Kitchen”, “MasterChef,” “MasterChef Junior” and their many offshoots. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Ramsay revealed that he had personally ended one of his programs.

Ramsay said, “I cancelled my own show ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ on Fox.” Ramsay explained that he was at a breaking point when dealing with one of the restaurants featured in the show.

Kitchen Nightmares Cancelled

Gordon Ramsay will embark on new Kitchen Nightmares adventure. Fox announced on Monday that the 2023-24 television season will bring a new season of Kitchen Nightmares. The series was abruptly ended nine years ago by Ramsay, who decided to “call time” and end the show.

In June 2014, Ramsay said that he will no longer be producing new episodes of Kitchen Nightmares. Since its 2004 debut in the UK, Kitchen Nightmares has gained international fame. After its success on the other side of the Atlantic, an American version of the show was introduced to Fox in 2007. It ran for seven seasons.

In a letter published on his website, Ramsay stated, “I am currently filming 4 episodes for [the UK channel] Channel 4 which will be my final. I have had an incredible 10 years, making 123 episodes in 12 seasons. They were shot on 2 continents and watched by millions. It’s been an amazing 10 years, but now it’s time for me to say goodbye.”

Ramsay said that he had visited more than 100 restaurants during this period, and met and tried to help (or in some cases failed to help) some of the strangest and most wonderful people. Amy’s Baking Company and Bonaparte’s are both standouts. But there were also some good times, with the sisters at La Galleria, Momma Chrerri’s to name just two.

Incredibly, four years after Ramsay said goodbye to Kitchen Nightmares he and Fox launched Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back. This restaurant makeover series ran for three seasons. Kitchen Nightmares has made a return, giving Ramsay a chance to work his culinary magic once more and help struggling restaurant.

When Did Kitchen Nightmares End?

Kitchen Nightmares ended in 2014, but Gordon Ramsay expressed regret for his decision. Kitchen Nightmares was one of Ramsay’s most popular shows for many years. According to The Recipe the show ran for six seasons in Britain and seven more in the U.S.

The concept was simple. Ramsay would choose a restaurant, thoroughly evaluate it and then take charge, implementing improvements, such as modifying the menu or improving the service.

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