Why Online Dating Doesn’t Work for Guys

There are several myths about dating sites, one of which is that only experienced people who are disappointed in life use such resources. However, this is absolutely not the case – about half of the users of dating sites are young people aged 18-25.

It would seem that if people are young and free, why not start looking for your destiny in real life? However, it is the older generation that still has some residue of skepticism about dating sites, and young people treat them as completely normal.

Most of the lives of young people of our time are contained within the framework of their smartphones. All information is now stored on mobile devices – young people read books on their smartphones, study, work, order clothes and food, household items, medicines – literally everything that can come to mind. It is logical that the search for relationships among young people takes place online. Modern dating apps are fully adapted for mobile devices and are as simple and easy to use as possible. A person today needs the maximum simplification of all areas of his life, and dating and finding a partner for a relationship is no exception. The sphere of online dating today is just a couple of movements: swipe to the right on the photo of the person you like, and you do not need to make dozens of attempts to meet on the street.

Do not think that dating sites are charitable organizations. In addition to their direct functions and tempting dating offers with almost any person living on this planet, dating sites occupy a serious niche in the financial market.

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They approached, introduced themselves and started a dialogue – processes that are almost unthinkable for many modern people. Personal acquaintance is gradually disappearing as a phenomenon, but at the same time, various applications and services for online dating are filled with people who are ready to go on a date. It doesn’t sound so bad, because modern problems require modern solutions! However, there is every reason to believe that the rise of dating apps threatens the very likelihood of having a strong long-term relationship with one partner. Let’s see if this is really the case.

Long-term relationships are not easy. More and more modern people prefer to “throw away, but not fix”, that is, they refuse to make extra efforts and, as they say, “work” on relationships. Against the backdrop of a general decline in the number of marriages from year to year, the number of divorces continues to grow – and this is only in the case of officially documented relationships. Probably, people who are not restrained by formal obligations or common children break up, if not easier, then no less often.

The “if you don’t like something, just don’t do it” approach (or leave) can be generally considered a trend in the modern world, where everyone strives for personal comfort, sometimes despite compromises, which often require a little compromise on their principles. And it seems that the availability of online dating only exacerbates this situation.

Is monogamy, the skill of living and getting along with someone, a skill that can be learned? Is it possible to call long-term relationships an accident – some are lucky, and others are not very good – or should a person make a conscious choice in favor of forming a strong couple? And yes, all this is when there is a dominance of free, fast, pleasant and disposable relationships around.

Freedom from obligation

The positive aspects of online dating are obvious: the Internet makes it easy to meet and meet people with whom you are compatible in terms of interests, social status, outlook on life. It certainly raises the bar for what you would consider a good relationship. However, it seems that online dating makes the process of meeting a new person too easy, and raises the bar for a good relationship too high. What if the perceived prospect of finding an even more suitable partner with just the touch of a finger means the instability of a future relationship in which a person continues to forever chase the same pie in the sky?

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