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Are you a huge fan of crime-drama television shows? Have you ever watched the popular Power? Power? Power is the highest-rated crime drama within the United States. Power is a cult series from Starz that gained a lot of recognition. The story is about the life of a successful businessman from New York who is also living his life in a wrong way.

The most well-known character of this crime drama Power was the one who was killed by LaVerne “Jukebox” Ganner. But Who Killed Jukebox Power? Read the article to find out.

Who was responsible for the demise of Jukebox in Power?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Jukebox was probably the most memorable persona of Power. In her past she had a relationship with the names of both Ghost as well as Kanan. After a brief introduction to her character, we got to realize that Jukebox is a vicious and cruel individual. It was revealed that Jukebox was in charge of a gang of criminals that were always waiting to steal her. Jukebox utilized her connections with the police department in order to stay clear of suspicion.

Now the most important question is Who killed Jukebox Energy? You’ll be shocked to learn that her close relative Kanan was killed by her. Yes, you read it right. Kanan was the real reason for the death of Jukebox in Power. In the film ‘Raising Kanan”, we witness the amazing bond that exists that exists between Jukebox as well as Kanan. It’s hard to accept Kanan killed Jukebox. Kanan destroyed Jukebox.

What happened when Kanan end Jukebox?

If you’ve seen the whole show, you are aware of. For those who haven’t seen the series for them, it will be a scene. After having read the preceding part of the article, you know who killed Jukebox Power. It’s now time to learn what happened when Kanan took down Jukebox. So, are you eager to find out more about this scene? Keep reading the article attentively. Since in the following section we will discuss the real scene of Power in which Kanan was killed by Jukebox.

If Jukebox holds Tariq in a gunfight and demands Kanan to reveal the reasons behind the closeness towards Tariq, Kanan suddenly shoots Jukebox. Within a matter of minutes, Kanan killed Jukebox. It was an iconic and painful scene from the cult crime-drama show Power. If you haven’t seen the entire scene it is a must to watch it.

Who killed Jukebox The Power – What was the reason Kanan shot Jukebox?

When Jukebox realized that Kanan was being close to Tariq Ghost’s son she decided to test whether her relative was loyal. After proving herself, Jukebox suggested to Kanan to kill Tariq. The cousin then had a plan to infiltrate Ghost with a photo that showed his child. In season 4, of Power,

Kanan and Jukebox discover they know that Ghost is in prison, and they consider this an opportunity to earn more cash from Ghost. Following Ghost’s release Ghost from jail, Jukebox tries to kill Tariq and his father. Then the shocking scene occurred in which Kanan murdered Jukebox.


Who Killed Jukebox Power? You already know this and now you understand the cause behind it. If you’re still doubting visit this page to find out more about the crime drama series “Power”.

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