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Who is Nikola Jokic? Find out more about Natalija Jokic the wife of Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic in this article.

Who Is Nikola Jokic’s wife?

Natalija Jokic has supported her husband Nikola Jokic throughout his basketball career. Their relationship dates back to their teens. Natalija moved to Denver in 2015 when Nikola became a Nugget. She has been a loyal supporter of the Nuggets ever since.

Natalija has been seen at Nikola’s games in recent years. She is often accompanied by her daughter Ognjena. In March 2023 she proudly posted a photo of Ognjena with the game ball for Nikola’s record-breaking 100th triple double. Only five NBA players have achieved this feat. Natalija continues cheering on Nikola when he achieves his record-breaking moments. Their daughter proudly wears a jacket that features Nikola’s number and name.

Natalija’s unwavering support was evident during Game 3 of NBA Finals 2023. Nikola became the first player in NBA history to have a stat line of 30-20-10. She shared an adorable picture of Nikola and their daughter in Miami shortly after the game.

Natalija is a huge part of Nikola’s world. She provides him with invaluable support while he competes for the NBA. Nikola’s wife and family were praised in a January interview on Serbia’s Arena TV. He emphasized the positive influence they have had on his career and life.

Both Natalija, and Nikola, are from Sombor in Serbia. This small town is located in the northwest part of the country. Nikola often speaks of his home country and the connection he has with their hometown, even though they’ve been living in Denver since 2015. They return to Sombor often during NBA off-seasons, and Nikola has stated his intention to settle permanently there after his NBA career ends, emphasizing its tranquility and comfort.

Throwback photos on Natalija’s Instagram show that Natalija and Nikola have been together since their high school years. Social media posts show their love and admiration, which includes their wedding and their birth of a daughter.

Natalija, who joined Nikola in Denver in 2014, moved to the United States to play volleyball in Oklahoma at Seminole State College. Nikola was influenced by her presence in America to pursue his basketball career in America. Natalija gave up her volleyball career to follow Nikola to Denver. She graduated in 2018 from Metropolitan State University of Denver.

In the beginning of their relationship, Natalija and Nikola shared an apartment in Denver with his two older siblings. This arrangement gave Nikola a sense familiarity and comfort as he adjusted to his new life. Living together, despite the brothers’ competitive nature, helped Nikola to feel at home and comfortable in Denver.

Nikola and Natalija will exchange vows in Sombor in Serbia in October 2020. The couple’s wedding was originally scheduled for June 2020, but it had to be postponed because of the NBA rescheduling due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Social media was flooded with the couple’s video of their wedding, which showed off their joyous celebration.

Natalija, Nikola, and their daughter Ognjena welcomed her into the world in September 2021. Nikola has found it difficult to balance his NBA career with fatherhood, since he spends a lot of time away from home. He cherishes his time with his family, and recognizes Ognjena’s transformative impact on his life.

Natalija Jokic has been a vital part of Nikola’s NBA success. Her unwavering love and support have made a huge difference. Her limited online presence and her commitment as a mother and wife demonstrate their strong bond and their deep relationship.

Who Is Natalija Jokic

Natalija Macesic is a Serbian psychology who is married to NBA star Nikola Jokic. Jokic is widely known as the NBA’s reigning MVP for the Regular Season. Natalija Macesic is a Serbian psychologist who married NBA player Nikola Jokic, widely recognized as the current NBA Regular Season MVP.

Natalija, who has been with Nikola for more than a decade, and Nikola, have created a foundation of love, support and respect that is essential for any NBA success story. Natalija is not very open about her personal life. However, it’s clear that she’s a vital part of Jokic’s career and life. Their long-lasting partnership is a testament to their dedication and commitment towards one another.

Natalija Jokic has a private Instagram account, but her presence in Nikola Jokic’s life shows the importance of a loving and supportive partner, especially in the competitive world of professional basketball. Together, they’ve overcome the challenges of being in the spotlight and maintained a strong relationship throughout their journey.

Who Is Nikola Jokic

Nikola Jokic, a Serbian basketball player, is the current center of the Denver Nuggets NBA team. His exceptional abilities and achievements have earned him significant recognition in the NBA. Jokic was named NBA All-Star on five occasions and selected to the All-NBA Team five times, including three selections to the first team.

The NBA Most Valuable Player Award (MVP) was given to him for the seasons 2020-21 and 2021-22. Jokic, in addition to his NBA successes, has also represented the Serbian National Team and won a Silver Medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Jokic, also known as “The Joker,” was selected by the Denver Nuggets during the second round 2014 NBA Draft. In 2016, he made a rapid impact, and was named to the NBA All-Rookie First Team. Jokic was named to his first All-Star team and All-NBA 1st Team in the 2018-19 NBA season.

He was again named All-Star, and led the Nuggets into the Western Conference finals the following year. Jokic was named NBA Finals MVP in the 2022-23 NBA Season for his outstanding performance that led the Nuggets’ first ever NBA Finals win.

Jokic is also a leader in terms of triple-doubles in both the regular season as well as the playoffs. The fastest triple-double was achieved in only 14 minutes and 33 second. In this category, he is the top European center and player.

Natalija Jokic Celebrates Her Husband

The Denver Nuggets’ center, Nikola Jokic led his team to its first NBA title with a 94 – 89 win over the Miami Heat. Jokic was not only the one to hold the championship trophy but also the MVP for the finals series. Natalija Jokic was the one who caught the attention of the public with her exuberant response to the Nuggets winning the championship.

Twitter went viral with a video of Natalija holding her two-year old daughter Ognjena. She was seen loudly cheering with her arms raised in celebration. Fans praised her for her support. The Nuggets won the championship despite a 10-point loss in the second-quarter. In an on-court conversation, Jokic said that he was satisfied with the team’s achievement and mentioned that the job had been done.

He became the first player drafted below him to win the MVP award for the finals after finishing the fifth game with 16 rebounds. Jokic, who met Natalija in Sombor, Serbia, as teenagers, has been a supportive partner throughout their journey.

Jokic had already moved to the U.S. to pursue his basketball career. Their daughter was born in September 2021. They were married in 2020. Jokic credits his wife and his daughter with their positive impact on his career. He emphasizes the importance of having supportive family members in your life.

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