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Find out who Nikki Blades is and what makes the actress stand out in the entertainment world. Also, get an insight into her personal life and that of her family.

Nikki Blades: Who is she?

Nikki Blades, a well-known American radio host and social media influencer is also a model. She was born in Oahu Hawaii on 10 March 1989. Nikki is known for hosting “The Morning Block Party”, a radio show on 97.7 KWIN, and as a TV guest host in “Wild ‘n Out”.

She has also worked as a model for many brands including Kaimana Beachwear, Purist Boutique and Hypebeast. Nikki was featured in several magazines, and Maxim Magazine named her one of the top 10 Hometown Hotties for 2014. She also has a large social media following with 274k Instagram followers.

Nikki Blades Parents

Nikki Blades was raised in California by her mother Nikoi Blades and father Edward Blades. She spent part of her childhood on Oahu. Her parents’ professions aren’t known to the public, but she does have two brothers and two sister. Nikki is an American citizen and has a mixed background. She is of Hawaiian and Chinese descent, as well as Filipino.

Nikki’s education includes Lowell High School, and then the University of California Los Angeles where she earned a Bachelor of Art degree in 2011.

Nikki began her journey in the entertainment industry when she was asked by a college class to model for their photography project. After completing her college studies, she was inspired by this experience to pursue a modeling career. She created an Instagram profile with the handle “nikkiblades”, and began uploading pictures of her toned body. It helped her to gain a huge following on Instagram.

Nikki Blades Boyfriend

Nikki Blades has no boyfriend or partner that is publicly known. Born in Oahu on March 10, 1990, Nikki Blades is a 34-year old radio host, social-media influencer, athlete, model and entrepreneur. She is known for her hosting duties on KWIN 97.7 radio, and she has over 120,000 Instagram followers.

According to Celebs Couples Nikki Blades has had at least one relationship in the past, but there is no other information available about her dating life or who she dated. Nikki Blades is very private about her love life and doesn’t share much information on her relationships in interviews or social media. Like many celebrities, online rumors and speculations about Blades’ dating life circulate, but they are difficult to verify.

Nikki Blades Age

The age of a person is an attribute. People are curious about the age of those they like on social media. Nikki Blades is a 29-year-old American born in Oahu Hawaii on March 10, 1989. In 2023 she will be 34 years old.

Nikki Blades is very private and prefers not to share her personal life with the public. There is no record of her dating history and she has never been seen with a male companion. It is safe to assume that she’s currently single.

Nikki also works in charity, collaborating in her free time with organizations like Pride for PI or #HashtagLunchbag. She is also the brand ambassador of Designing a Difference – a non profit organization that helps San Francisco residents find employment.

Nikki Blades Height

Nikki Blades is in great shape and very fit. She is very fit and works out regularly. Everyone knows that diets are important and that healthy food increases our life expectancy. Nikki Blades height in feet Inches is 5′ 5″ tall.

Nikki Blades has a solid reputation in the entertainment world. She is known as a model, a businesswoman and a social media influencer. Her outgoing personality and stunning looks have earned her a spot in Maxim Magazine’s Top 10 Hometown hotties.

Nikki is the current host of Big Bay Mornings on 99.7now. The show airs from Monday to Friday, 6 am to 10:00 am, in San Francisco. She is the co-host, along with Tim Chantarangsu, of a popular podcast, No Chaser.

Nikki, despite her busy schedule is known for her philanthropic efforts. She collaborates with various charitable organizations including Pride for PI, #HashtagLunchbag, and others. Nikki, as the brand ambassador of Designing a Difference – a non profit organization that helps people find job opportunities in San Francisco – is committed to giving back to the community.

Nikki Blades Net Worth

Net worth is the only way to determine a person’s success. People are interested in finding out more about the net worth of their favorite celebrities or stars. Nikki Blades’ Net Worth is estimated at $1.5 million by 2023.

Nikki Blades, a student at the University of California, was asked to be a model for a class in photography. This sparked an interest in modeling after she finished her studies. She created an Instagram account under the name “nikkiblades” after graduating. Here she shared her photos and showcased her toned body, quickly gaining followers.

Nikki’s online presence grew and she began receiving offers from prestigious brands like Hypebeast Beachwear, Kaimana Beachwear, Purist Boutique and others. She began appearing in advertising campaigns, magazines and international publications. In 2014, she was even included in Maxim Magazine’s Top 10 Hometown Hotties.

Nikki expanded her collaborations over time and became a brand spokesperson for companies such as Adidas and Visual Apparel. She also worked at the New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco Fashion Weeks to cement her reputation as a successful fashion model.

Nikki Blades Bio



Name Nikki Blades
Date of birth March 10, 1989
Age Age 34
Birthplace Oahu, Hawaii, United States
Height Five feet five inches tall
Weight in Kilograms – 48 Kgin Pounds – 106 lbs
Nationality American
Net Worth 2023 1.5 Million Dollars


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