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You want to find out who MrBeast is? We will learn everything we can about MrBeast and his girlfriend in this article.

Who is Mr. Beast?

MrBeast (real name Jimmy Donaldson) is an American YouTuber who has a philanthropic heart. He is best known for making YouTube videos with expensive stunts. He has more than 150 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel, which is considered the fourth-most-subscribed channel on the platform and the most-subscribed channel owned by an individual.

Donaldson first posted videos on YouTube as MrBeast6000 back in 2012. He had a wide range of content, from Let’s Plays to videos that “estimated wealth” for other YouTubers. In 2017, his “counting 100,000” video gained him popularity. His content style has since diversified to include challenge videos and survival challenges.

Donaldson, along with 30 other people, is part of the MrBeast Team. Donaldson, in addition to his main YouTube channel, runs other YouTube channels. He is also the founder and CEO of MrBeast Burgers and Feastables. He is also involved in philanthropy. Co-creating Team Trees, and Team Seas raised over $23 and $30 million respectively.

He has received several awards. These include the Creator of the year award at the Streamy Awards for 2020, 2021, 2022, as well as the Favorite male creator award twice at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, in 2022 and again in 2023. Time magazine named him among the top 100 influential people of 2023.

When is Mr. When is Mr.

Jimmy Donaldson (also known as MrBeast) is an American YouTuber. He was also a philanthropist. MrBeast was born May 7, 1998 in Wichita Kansas. He is widely recognized for being the first to create a genre of YouTube videos that feature extravagant and expensive stunts. As of May 2023, MrBeast’s YouTube channel has over 150 million subscribers, making it the fourth-most-subscribed channel on the platform, and one of the most successful channels owned by an individual.

In 2012, at the age 13, he began uploading videos to YouTube. Since then, his content has evolved into challenging and charitable video challenges that come with rewards of thousands of dollars. MrBeast also runs other YouTube channels such as Beast Reacts MrBeast Gaming and Beast Philanthropy.

He co-created several successful fundraising campaigns, including Team Trees or Team Seas. In addition, he has received numerous awards for both his philanthropic contributions and online community work.

Why Is Mr. What makes Mr.

MrBeast gained fame on YouTube for his outrageous and unique video content. He is famous for making videos with high stakes stunts such as giving away money and challenges that involve astronomical amounts. His videos have been viewed millions of times, making him a well-known and influential Youtuber.

MrBeast’s videos are often based on philanthropic activities, including large donations of money to different causes and charities. He is well-known for his fundraising campaigns including Team Trees & Team Seas which raised millions of dollars to support environmental causes. He also founded MrBeast Burger and Feastables which are known for their unique fast-food offerings.

Who Is Beast New Girlfriend? Beast’s New Girlfriend

MrBeast, an American YouTuber who is also a philanthropist revealed recently that Thea Bouysen was his new girlfriend. On his Instagram story he posted a picture with them while they were on vacation in Maldives, announcing the relationship. This is an important update for MrBeast’s fans, since his previous relationships have largely been kept private.

The couple’s announcement received a lot attention on social networks, and many expressed their excitement. As MrBeast hasn’t shared much information about his new partner, not much is known at this point.

Mr. Beast Bio


The following information is provided by

Born Jimmy Donaldson
Age 25
Date of birth May 7, 1998
Place of birth Wichita, Kansas, U.S.
Origin Greenville, North Carolina
Occupations YouTuber, businessman, philanthropist
Website beastphilanthropy.org
Channels MrBeast Gaming – Beast Reacts – MrBeast 2 – Beast Philanthropy
Years of active service 2012-present
Genres Comedy, entertainment vlogs and gaming
Subscribers 151 million (main channel), 244 million (combined)[note 1]
Total views 25.6 billion dollars (main channel), combined 39 billion dollars
Related acts PewDiePie, Marques Brownlee, Mark Rober, DreamCr1TiKaL


Mr. Beast Net Worth

MrBeast (also known as Jimmy Donaldson) is a successful YouTuber. Through his unique content, MrBeast has gained a large following. In May 2023, MrBeast had over 151 millions subscribers on his main channel on YouTube and more than 244 million subscribers across all his channels. He is one of the most successful content creators.

MrBeast has achieved a lot of success and many people are curious as to how much he is worth. Celebrity Net Worth, a website that offers various estimates, claims MrBeast to have a net value of 100millions as of 2023. That is a huge amount for 25-year-old Youtuber. Forbes also reported Donaldson’s $24-million earnings in 2020. This shows how profitable his brand is. It’s important to note that net-worth figures can vary wildly depending on where they are sourced, and MrBeast is yet to confirm his exact net-worth publicly.

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