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Lil Romeo: Who is he?

Lil Romeo is a rapper, actor and former basketballer from the United States. His real name is Percy Romeo Miller Jr. He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on August 19, 1989 to Percy Miller, also known as Master P, and Sonya C. Miller.

Lil Romeo became a household name in the early 2000s with his energetic and catchy rap songs. In 2001, he released his self-titled debut album “Lil’ Romeo,” which was a huge success, reaching number six on Billboard 200.

Lil Romeo became a young rap star after the release of his album, which featured “My Baby”. Lil Romeo has released several albums since his debut. These include “Game Time” (2002), “Romeoland”, (2004) and “Lottery”, (2006). He has worked with a variety of artists and enjoyed moderate success in the music industry. His most popular songs are “My Cinderella,” 2-Way,”and “Play Like Us.”

Lil Romeo also pursued an acting career and appeared in many films and television shows. He was the star of his own Nickelodeon series, “Romeo!” From 2003 to 2006 he portrayed his life as an actor and rapper teenager. He has also appeared in films such as “Honey”, (2003), and “Jumping the Broom”, (2011). Lil Romeo’s entrepreneurial skills have been demonstrated beyond entertainment.

The Next Generation Entertainment, his record label was founded. He also launched a clothing company, College Boyys, and a food business called Rap Snacks. Lil Romeo also excelled as a basketball player in his high school days. He was a basketball player for Beverly Hills High School, and he contributed to their success.

He was awarded a full athletics scholarship at the University of Southern California, but decided to concentrate on his career in entertainment. Lil Romeo’s career has seen him receive several awards, nominations and accolades. These include BET Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and more. Lil Romeo has a multifaceted career that has helped him become a prominent figure within the entertainment industry. He is still involved in various business ventures, and remains a prominent figure in music and in the entertainment industry.

Lil Romeo’s Dating History

Drew Sangster and Romeo Miller are romantically involved. Romeo Miller and Drew Sangster are in a romantic relationship. Their relationship was made public after they celebrated Thanksgiving together in 2020. Romeo confirmed the status of their relationship on his Instagram page on November 27, 2019. Romeo discussed his relationship openly with Drew Sangster during an appearance on The Mix, Fox Soul.

“I’ve only been dating for four years,” said he, “and no matter how great I think someone may be, I will let God reveal to me who He knows is best for me. Romeo Miller revealed to me that Drew Sangster, during the pandemic sent him a handwritten note every month and sent him a monthly book. She also wrote him an emotional letter in which she expressed 138 reasons for being grateful to have met Romeo Miller. Sangster also invited him to dinner on Thanksgiving.

Miller says that the couple is very happy to keep their romance a secret. Growing up in the industry, I learned how important it is to have my privacy when dating. On Valentine’s Day 2022, Romeo Miller, Drew Sangster, and their daughter made a happy announcement. Miller posted a video on Instagram to share the good news.

Miller wrote, “It was hard to keep this in but we wanted to be sure that our baby girl arrived safely and healthy before we made any announcements in public during this holy journey.” “Psalms: 127:3 Children are a gift from the LORD; the fruit of the womb is a reward.” “My great-grandmother always said that if you lived long enough you would realize everything (and even the best things) is on God’s schedule, not yours,” he added. “The best Valentines of all time.

I have waited for this moment all my life. Thank you @drewsangster. “I’m a #GirlDad babyyyy.” In another post he compared pictures of his newborn with a photo of himself as a baby. “That’s lil me! Swipe to the left to see my message ha,” he wrote.

Lil Romeo’s Girlfriend

Drew Sangster has been relatively low-profile but she’s made significant contributions to the world through Drewyco, a venture that she co-founded. She shares Drewyco on her private Instagram with fewer than 2,000 fans. Drewyco focuses on providing diapers and wipes to communities at risk throughout the United States.

Drewyco’s mission is to provide essential items to infants and parents, while giving back to charities through a percentage of each sale. Drewyco is the focus of Sangster, but she does not have a large online presence.

Romeo’s choice of a partner who is devoted to her and her endeavor is reflected in her focus on the venture. Drewyco, despite Sangster’s limited online presence, is a great example of Sangster’s dedication to helping families in need.

Lil Romeo Biography



Name Percy Romeo Miller
Age As of 2023, 33-year-olds will be eligible for Medicare.
Nationality American
Profession American rapper, actor, and television personality.
Net Worth Five Million Dollars


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