Who is Kesar in Asur 2 | Read Complete Details!

Who is Kesar from Asur 2? As secrets are revealed and Kesar’s true identity is revealed in Asur 2, you will discover his mysterious character.

Asur 2

Asur is an Indian Hindi-language web series consisting of two seasons. Tanveer Buchwala produced the first season, while Bombay Fables produced the second. The series is available via various video-on demand platforms. Both seasons are centered around a serial killer who has religious ties. This adds a unique twist on the crime genre. Asur was notable for being the OTT debut of renowned actor Arshad Wari.

Asur 2 has intrigue, tension, and surprising twists. This sequel builds on the success of its predecessor and promises an even more thrilling experience.

Prepare to be captivated with a storyline that seamlessly combines elements of fantasy and mystery. Asur 2 will take you on an exciting rollercoaster through a beautifully designed universe where heroes and evil villains fight in epic battles.

Each frame is bursting with vivid colors and special effects that are awe inspiring. The cinematography is stunning, transporting you to breathtaking scenery, mystical worlds and action scenes that will make your heart race.

Asur 2 features a cast of talented actors that bring their characters to vivid life. Each performance, from seasoned veterans to rising stars, adds layers to authenticity to the story, creating an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Asur 2 is a film that explores themes beyond its captivating plot and stunning visuals. These themes are universally relevant. The film explores the complexity of human nature and morality as well as the eternal battle between good and bad. It leaves an impact on viewers that lasts for a long time.

Asur 2 is more than a sequel. It is a testament of the power of storytelling, and the lasting magic of cinema. The film’s unbridled creativeness and impeccable craftsmanship set new standards for cinematic excellence. It promises an experience that surpasses expectations.

Kesar, who is he in Asur 2

Gaurav Arora plays Kesar in the series. He has a mysterious and dark past. Kesar had a troubled past in the first season. As the story progresses, viewers get to know more about his life. Gaurav Arora’s portrayal as Kesar shows his ability to express emotions, deliver dialogues, and show his overall acting talent.

Kesar Bharadwaj – whose real name was Mukund – carries the weight of a tragic event from his past. A drunk driver, who was shockingly revealed to be the son a powerful minister, caused a fatal accident that killed his wife. Kesar is left with a permanent scar in his heart. This incident fuels his search for justice and redemption.

Kesar’s challenges are not over. Three police officers have brutally assaulted him in the past. Kesar has suffered a significant impact in his life. The reason for the attack is not known. His trauma has shaped his character, and his actions are reflected throughout the series.

Shubh, a mysterious character who appears as the story progresses. Shubh learns about Kesar’s turbulent past and decides to pursue justice for him. Shubh, in a shocking turn of events detonates gas in the cottage that the three police officers live in, confronting them over the brutality inflicted on Kesar.

Kesar’s confusion and questioning of Shubh’s motives leaves him bewildered. Shubh replies in a cryptic manner that he will give Kesar an extra life when it is the right time. This interaction adds to the mystery surrounding Kesar and Shubh, as well as their intertwined fates.

Kesar is a speaker who inspires his audience with morality and practicality. His podcasts are listened to by many people, including DJ. They find inspiration from his words. In the fifth episode of the series, DJ shoots Kesar, ending his life tragically.

Gaurav Arora’s portrayal of Kesar is a brilliant blend of pain and resilience. His character also demonstrates a strong sense of determination. The core of Kesar’s character is his past tragedies, and his pursuit of justice. This makes him an engaging figure in the show. Gaurav Arora’s acting abilities bring Kesar to the screen, allowing viewers connect with his emotions.

Kesar’s story was full of twists and turn that captivated his audience. They were intrigued by the tale and wanted to know more about the past. The series shows the character of Kesar and how his past experiences have impacted his actions and choices.

Kesar is a complex and haunting character in the series, played by Gaurav Arora. The tragic past of Kesar, his encounters with Shubh and his influence as an inspirational speaker all shape the character development. Gaurav Arora brings Kesar to life with his exceptional acting abilities.

Asur 2 Plot

Season 2 of “Asur” continues the gripping storyline established in Season 1. It delves deeper into the fascinating connection between mythology and technology as well as human psychology. The story is taken to new heights, as characters are faced with greater challenges.

The Hindu mythology tale of Kali and Kalki is a notable feature of “Asur”, Season 2. The storyline is given a new twist by incorporating a mythological element that blends with the real-world characters and events. The juxtaposition between ancient mythological themes and modern-day themes creates an intriguing blend that keeps audiences engaged throughout the entire season.

Season 2 of “Asur” is a complex, multi-layered story that offers a rich, immersive experience. Characters are well developed, with individual struggles and arcs. As they face challenges, the audience can witness their transformation and growth. Character relationships are explored deeply, which adds emotional depth to the story.

The enigmatic antagonist is one of the highlights of this season. His identity and motives are mysterious and keep the audience guessing. The cat-and mouse game between the antagonists and the main characters creates suspense, intrigue and makes each episode unpredictable.

Season 2 of “Asur”, with its stunning cinematography, captures the essence and atmosphere of the mysterious setting. The series retains its gritty and dark tone, immersing the viewer in a world of morality and human psyche being tested.

Season 2 of “Asur” is a fascinating watch for anyone who loves a story that combines suspense, mysticism, and psychological exploration. The second season builds on the first, and takes the story in unexpected directions. The second season of “Asur”, with its intriguing characters, plot twists and thought-provoking themes is a continuation that will keep viewers glued to the screen.

Asur Cast



Nikhil Nair Arshad Wari
Dhananjay Rajpoot Barun Sobti
Lolark Dubey Anupriya Goenka
Naina Nair Ridhi Dogra
Rhea Nair Amey Wagh
Kesar Bharadwaj Gaurav Arora
Sandhya Rajpoot Nishank Verma
Rasool Shaikh Vishesh Bánsal
Kalki Vishesh Bánsal
Kali Gaurav Arora
Lolark’s father Pawan Chopra
Jairaj Singh Jayant Raina
Simran Neha Dubey

Where can I watch Asur 2 online?

Jio Cinema now offers Asur Season 2 online. This highly anticipated continuation to the gripping web-series is available for streaming. Jio Cinema will be able to stream the exciting episodes of the popular show starting 1st. June 2023. You can explore the thrilling world of Asur Season 2 with just a few simple clicks.

Asur’s second season continues the captivating narrative by delving into the connections between mythology and technology. This episode expands the story and presents the characters with greater challenges. The stakes are raised to new levels. The Kali vs. Kalki mythology tale is a new twist in the story, adding a fascinating element.

Asur Season 2’s seamless blend of real-world themes with mythological ones is one of its key strengths. This blend creates an atmosphere that is unique and keeps the audience engaged through the entire series. The story is multi-layered and complex, with well developed characters and a mysterious villain who adds suspense.

Asur Season 2 is a great choice for those who like a compelling story that includes elements of mythology and suspense. The episodes contain a variety of plot twists and themes that are thought-provoking, as well as intense moments. The talented cast members, such as Arshad Wari, Barun Sbti and Anupriya Ghoenka, enhance the overall viewing experience.

Jio Cinema gives you the flexibility to stream Asur Season 2 at any time. Enjoy the thrills and excitement of this highly-acclaimed web series at your fingertips. Do not miss the chance to experience the thrilling world of Asur Season 2! Start your journey to Asur Season 2 today. Prepare yourself for a thrilling ride full of mystery, mythology and psychological twists.

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