Who is Julien Kang Dating | Check Complete Details!

We delve into Julien Kang’s romantic life and introduce you to his girlfriend. Fans want to know who Julien Kang is dating.

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Who has Julien Kang dated?

The actor and model Julien Kang has a relationship going on with the fitness YouTuber JJ. JJ announced on her channel “TMI JeeEun” that she and Julien Kang were dating. JJ shared the news to her subscribers in order to prevent rumors and speculations. They’ve been friends for over three years. JJ explained in the video that their friendship began as a platonic one, but it took some time before their relationship evolved into something else.

She said that Julien’s directness and straight-forward personality helped them to become closer. Both share a similar lifestyle, with Julien being a homebody, who is focused on fitness, work and spending time at the house. JJ praised Julien for his honesty and determination, something that she finds difficult. She admires his ability to act without hesitation. They plan to continue dating each other in the future and enjoy their relationship.

They also plan to visit Canada, where Julien Kang was born, in June. JJ has over 1.1m subscribers to her fitness YouTube channel, “JJsalondefit.” Julien Kang, a French-Korean, is known for his roles as an actor in dramas like “To the Beautiful You,” and “Marriage, Not Dating.”

Julien Kang Girlfriend

JJ is the girlfriend of Julien Kang. She was born in Seoul, South Korea. She has lived in Canada since the age of 10. JJ has been a personal trainer for more than 5 years. She is a certified nutritionist who has helped many people to lose weight and become fit.

JJ is an outgoing and positive person. She loves to explore and try new things. She is passionate about fitness, and loves to help others achieve their fitness goals. JJ is an excellent role model for many women.

JJ Kang and Julien Kang were introduced by mutual friends in 2019. In 2020, they began dating and became fast friends. They support each other and are happy together. JJ has been a huge influence on Julien, and she’s helped him get into better shape. Julien is always there for JJ to encourage her.

JJ Kang and Julien Kang make a wonderful couple. They are both very happy. They are always supportive of each other. They are an example of a happy and healthy relationship.

JJ is a great artist. Here are some more details:

  • Jee Eun Kim is her real name.
  • She has more than 1 million YouTube subscribers.
  • She is also a nutritionist and personal trainer.
  • She is passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals.

Who Is Julien Kang

Julien Kang, a French-Korean martial artist, actor and model, is of French descent. He was born in Saint Pierre and Miquelon on April 11, 1982. This is an overseas French territory located off the coast Newfoundland. His older brother, mixed martial artist Denis Kang, is also a model. Kang started his modeling career in Korea in 2006. He became very popular after appearing in several print and commercial campaigns. In 2008, he debuted as an actor in the TV drama “High Kick Through the Roof.”

He has also starred in other popular dramas such as “To the Beautiful You”, “The Heirs”, and “Marriage Not Dating”. Kang has a successful acting career and is also a martial artist. He has won several championships in Taekwondo, Kickboxing and other martial arts. He has also been certified as a personal trainer, and he has his own fitness clothing line. Kang has a huge fan base in Korea. He is well-known for his good looks and athleticism. He is a spokesperson for many charities and organizations.

Julien Kang has produced some notable works.

  • High Kick Through the Roof (2008 )
  • To the Beautiful You 2012
  • The Heirs 2013
  • Marriage Not Dating (2014, )
  • The Prisoner (2020).

Julien Kang Bio



Name Julien Kang
Born 11 April 1982
Age 41
Birth County Saint-Pierre et Miquelon
Nationality French Canadian
Work – Occupation Actor and Model
Years Active 2008 – Present
Agent Jellyfish Entertainment 2015-2017
Height 1.94 m (6′ 4+1/2 in)
Relatives Denis Kang


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