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Harriet Bibby: Who is she? Find out more about the Coronation Street actress who played Summer Spellman and whether Harriet Bibby has a baby.

Harriet Bibby – Who is she?

Harriet Bibby, a British actress, is best known for portraying Summer Spellman in the popular ITV soap opera Coronation Street. She debuted on the show in its 2020 season, and has appeared in more than 100 episodes since.

Harriet studied at the De Aston School from 2016 until her debut role in Coronation Street. She then transferred to The Academy of Live & Recorded Arts in order to further hone and refine her acting abilities.

Harriet Bibby, in addition to her role as a Coronation Street actress, has also appeared as a guest on British TV series such as Doctors or Brassic. This shows her versatility as an actor.

Harriet grew up in Lincolnshire (England). She has worked hard in order to gain a place in the entertainment business.

Harriet Bibby took over Matilda Freeman’s role as Summer Spellman at Coronation Street, in 2020. She has received a positive response from audiences for her portrayal of Summer Spellman.

Harriet Bibby is pregnant?

Fans of Coronation Street have speculated that actress Harriet Bibby could be pregnant. Bibby is known for her roles on shows such as “Doctors”, “Coronation Street” (the longest-running soap opera in the world), and “Doctors”. Bibby has appeared in 35 episodes so far of Coronation Street. She made her debut in the show in 2020 as Summer Spellman.

Fans began to wonder if the pregnancy rumors about Bibby were true as her fame grew. This was largely due to her breakthrough performance on Coronation Street. As Bibby developed a strong relationship with James Craven, this speculation increased. The show’s storyline shows that Summer Spellman, a character in the show, starts to feel morning sickness following a romantic encounter between her and another character Aaron. If the pregnancy plotline is to be told, then Summer will be expecting a baby with Aaron.

While the real-life possibility of Harriet Bibby being pregnant remains undetermined, the details mentioned are related to the storyline in Coronation Street where she portrays Summer Spellman.

Harriet Bibby Age

Harriet Bibby is 24 years old, despite being frequently mistaken as a teenager. She plays Summer Spellman on the British soap opera, “Coronation Street.” Bibby, who was born on April 27, 1997, will celebrate her 25th anniversary in 2023.

Confusion arises due to her youthful features as well as her portrayal of 16-year-old characters on the show. It’s easy to understand that due to her appearance many people assume she is older than her character on screen.

It is interesting to note, however, that Bibby actually is several years older than her role on television.


Full Name Harriet Bibby
Born Born 27th April 1998 (24 years) Lincolnshire, England
Profession Actress
Watch TV Shows Brassic, Doctors, Coronation Street
Estimated Net Worth 5 Million Dollars (approximate)

Harriet Bibby on Instagram

Harriet Bibby is best known for playing Summer Spellman on the popular British soap opera, “Coronation Street.” Her Instagram account has a large following. Her Instagram handle, @harrietanneb, has around 50.9k subscribers.

She shares engaging photos and videos on her profile. These give a glimpse into her professional and personal life. Her active engagement with her fans is one of the most attractive aspects of her social media profile. Harriet is always willing to engage with her fans, respond to their comments and express gratitude.

Harriet Bibby’s Instagram account allows her fans to interact with her more personally, fostering a feeling of community and appreciation within her loyal fan base.

Harriet Bibby as a Partner

Rumors suggest that she’s dating James Craven. Harriet Bibby lives a peaceful and contented existence in England with her mother, family and close-knit friends. She shares her professional and personal journeys with her fans but keeps her dating life a secret.

Harriet prefers to keep her romantic life private. She is more interested in her career and the relationships that she has built. She maintains boundaries and respects privacy, allowing her fans to enjoy her personality and talent without knowing the details of any romantic relationships.

Harriet Bibby’s balanced life is a result of her prioritizing peace of mind, and she values the relationships that are important to her.

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