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Eric Smith: Who is he?

Eric M. Smith is an American born on January 22nd 1980. He gained fame for committing a horrifying crime at such a young age. Smith, then thirteen years old, tortured and killed Derrick Joseph Robie, a four-year-old boy, in Steuben County New York on August 2, 1992.

A brutal crime, the tragic incident shocked the entire community. The media was also captivated by the story. After an investigation, Smith’s arrest and subsequent charges of second-degree murder were made. Smith was found guilty in 1994 of the charges brought against him. Smith was a juvenile at the time, so he received the maximum sentence available for cases of this nature: 9 years to life.

Smith was incarcerated for 27 years, a period during which he went through various legal proceedings and hearings. He became eligible for parole after serving his sentence. Smith was released from prison on February 20, 2022, after he received parole in October 2021. The release of Eric M. Smith was a topic of controversy and debate.

Discussions about juvenile justice, including the possibility of rehabilitation, have been sparked by the nature of the crime, the age of the offender at the time, and the length of his sentence. This tragic case is a reminder about the complexity of criminal justice and the impact crimes have on the victims’ families. It also highlights the challenges that are faced when dealing with crimes committed by juveniles.

To whom is Eric Smith engaged?

Margaret C. Houck is reported to be Eric Smith’s fiancée. He met her while serving his prison sentence. The couple’s relationship began in 2020, two years before Smith’s hearing for parole. He revealed his engagement at that hearing. Houck’s law degree and qualification as a lawyer is not known at this point.

Houck was a very active participant in Smith’s life during his incarceration. He visited him frequently to discuss Smith’s case and do research on the juvenile justice systems. Houck’s involvement in Smith’s rehabilitation and his specific contributions are not well documented.

It is unclear when Smith and Houck will marry, or what the future holds. Information about their relationship is scarce. Houck’s support and their engagement during Smith’s prison time appear to have played an important role in Smith’s personal development and his potential for rehabilitation.

Eric Smith’s Wife

Eric Smith revealed to members of the parole board that he has been engaged for nearly two years during his hearing in October 2021. When discussing his plans to live after his release from prison, the topic of his engagement came up. Smith suggested that he might stay with his mother while he waited to secure an apartment or for his fiancee to join him.

During the hearing, it was not stated where Smith intended to live after his release. Tammy Smith’s residence in Steuben County is not known. Smith said that he was engaged in December 2019 but that he knew his fiancee at least for two years before that.

He revealed that he had been contacted by his fiancee, who was studying to be a lawyer. She wanted to know more about the juvenile justice. She was doing research on the juvenile justice system in North and South America.

Smith did not disclose any further details regarding his engagement or future plans. However, the information he provided during the parole hearing indicates that the relationship between Smith and his fiancee and the mutual support they gave each other was important to Smith during his imprisonment.

Smith said, “She kept telling me, ‘I Love You, Talk to Me'” but Smith said that he was afraid she would leave him if he spoke to her. “I literally prayed to God and asked, Lord, if you brought this woman into my life, you’ve seen the conversation already happening. So just give me grace to tell her.”

Smith reported that the conversation was good. Smith said that the conversation went well.

Eric Smith Biography



Name Eric M. Smith
Age As of 2023, 43 years old
Birth Date January 22, 1980
Nationality American

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