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What is Karen Mulder now?

Karen Mulder, who is now 52 was a huge success model at the beginning the career. While she was briefly interested in acting and music however, she is known best for her modeling in the fashion industry. But, her public profile has dwindled over time. After being depressed, Karen returned to modeling but her work within the modeling industry was sporadic. She now is modeling occasionally and also pursues her love of music.

Who is Karen Mulder?

Karen Mulder is a renowned Dutch singer and model who had a huge success in the fashion world during the 90s. She was a model for some of the biggest brands like Versace, Dior, and Chanel and appeared on the pages of Vogue magazine numerous times. Mulder was also a Victoria’s Secret model, becoming one of the first “Angels” and the first model for both the brand as well as her country.A But, Mulder also highlighted the dangers of model industry, and the dangers for girls who aren’t yet teenagers or young girls. In the beginning of 2000 she made a statement against these problems. In addition to being a model, Mulder also pursued a career in music. She debuted an album in 2002 titled “I Am What I Am.” The song was moderately successful and was ranked the top spot at No. 13, on French charts.

Karen Mulder Bio

NAME Karen Mulder
DATE OF BIRTH 1 June 1970A
AGE 52 years old
SPOUSE RenA(c) BosneA
BORN COUNTRY Vlaardingen, Netherlands
HEIGHT 1.78 m
SIBLINGS Saskia Mulder

Karen Mulder Early life

Karen Mulder was born in 1970 in Vlaardingen which is a city inside South Holland, Netherlands. Her childhood was spent living in The Hague and Voorburg. The father of her, Ben Mulder, worked as a tax inspector while her mother Marijke who was secretary. Karen has an older sister, Saskia who aspired to be an actor after completing her studies in economics. In 1985 at the time that Karen was just 15 she took an excursion with her family in southern France. A few days later, she came across the advertisement of Elite Model Management’s “Look of the Year” contest in a local newspaper. Although she had braces, Karen’s friend took a few pictures of her and then submitted the photos for submission to Elite without her knowing. To her delight she took home the first prize in the preliminary competition in Amsterdam and then went on to participate in the finals where she was ranked second. This event led to her modeling career and she was then accepted to Elite Paris, which catapulted her into fame and led to her being sought-after in the modeling business.

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