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Are you from Florida? Have you heard of the storm? If not, we would like you to read the complete article. There is a danger that will occur in Florida. If you’re an habitant of Florida continue reading this article What time will Hurricanes hit Florida? An article of headline news has been reported across the United States that an upcoming tropical storm is likely to hit Florida.

We have gathered important information regarding this storm. Please continue reading the article.

Information on the hurricane:

On Friday evening, within the east of Caribbean Sea, tropical storm Ian began to form. The forecast suggests it is growing to become an important Category 3 hurricane. Now the question will be: What time will Tropical Depression 9 strike Florida?

As per the National Hurricane Center, the tropical storm could strike Cuba in the early part of next week. After that the storm could transform into an hurricane and it could strike Florida the following Wednesday. They also stated that it’s too early to know the exact location or magnitude. Therefore, the National Hurricane Center advised the people of Cuba as well as Cuba, the Florida Keys, and the Florida Peninsula to make hurricane plans.

When will Hurricanes hit Florida ?

As we have mentioned before that the tropical storm is expected to develop into a hurricane and will strike Florida the following Wednesday. Therefore, it is our request to all natives from Cuba as well as Florida to develop strategies for the threatening storm. Bernie Rayno, AccuWeather Chief On-Air Meteorologist said that the regions between that region to Florida Peninsula to the Florida Panhandle are at greater chance of being hit by the hurricane since it could directly hit that region.

When is the Storm coming ?

According to Eastern Daylight Time, at approximately 5 p.m. Tropical depression Nine was located around 430 miles to the east and south within Kingston, Jamaica. The storm sustained speeds of 35 mph and had a speed of 15 miles per hour. When sustained winds reach 39 mph, the depression is likely to turn into a tropical hurricane. When sustained winds exceed 74 points and the tropical storm turns into an hurricane.

Final Words

Now you are aware the date when Hurricanes are expected to hit Florida. If the storm alters its course and everyone is protected. In the meantime, visit this link to find out more on an approaching storm and its aftermath.

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