When Fed Announce Rate Hike | {July 2022) Get The Details Here!

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Will the Federal Reserve raise interest rates? As Americans struggle with high inflation for 40 years, the Federal Reserve continues to increase interest rates to keep prices under control. The Commodity Price Index was published this month. It showed that inflation increased by 9.1% in June compared to the same month last year. This was the largest change since November 1981.

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Announcement Federal Rate Hike

The Federal Reserve Board will close its two-day meeting on Wednesday at 2 PM ET and announce a second rise. The Federal’s FOMC is a committee that decides on financial regulation and interest policies. At the September, November and December meetings of this committee, more hikes will be predicted.

As the nation’s central banking institution, the Fed Reserve is responsible for financial regulation. Everyone wants to know when the Fed will announce the next rate hike after the Fed Reserve Board’s 2-day meeting.

Its dual purpose is to promote “maximum employment” and “stabile pricing in the US economy”. Stabil prices can only be maintained if inflation is controlled with stability. The long-term goal for inflation should be 2%. CPI inflation was 1.4% in 2020. In 2021, it was 7.1%. One of the key levers that can influence inflation is the Federal Reserve capital rate. This is how banks rate each other for nighttime lending.

What will happen if the Fed announces a rate increase?

All of you must be aware of what happens when the Fed announces a rate hike. The Federal Reserve doesn’t directly regulate all loan rate. However, Bankrate.com reports that when the Fed raises its fed capital rate, all other loan interest rates follow suit, even those for adjustable foreclosures.

An increasing federal fund rate also affects the 10-year Treasuries bond which has an impact on mortgages. In turn, consumers find it more costly to borrow money which makes them less likely to spend. In theory, inflation should slow down if demand falls.

In the meantime, rising bank savings rates are helping to boost the finances of some Americans, particularly the elderly.

When will the Fed announce its next rate hike

We know that the board meeting is almost over, so it is not clear when the rate increase will be announced.

The Fed raised interest rates three times in this year. Prior to the Fed’s March 0.25 percentage point rate hike in March, which was the first in over 3 years, rates had remained close to zero due to the economic pandemic.


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