What Options International Freight Services Offer for Big and Small Businesses

If you plan to bring cargo from the USA, you will face the terms LCL and FCL. International freight services use both concepts for delivering goods overseas and indicate the degree of loading. On the Meest website, https://us.meest.com/services/service/commercial-cargo, you can familiarize yourself with FCL and LCL loading features and find current prices.

What Does FCL Mean?

“Full container load” means the total loading of the container. The order of one recipient is placed there. FCL transportation is advantageous for the delivery of large batches or bulky goods. Depending on the cargo, carriers use containers of different sizes. Even if the container is not fully loaded, it is considered FCL. Large retail chains and customers buying industrial equipment and other large-sized goods in America often use FCL loading.

What Does LCL Mean?

LCL or transportation in a collective container delivery when global freight shipping companies collect goods from different recipients in one container. The customer reserves a place in a shared container together with others and pays only for the volume of his cargo.

The cargo to be delivered from America to Europe must often be bigger to fill an entire FCL container. It is only possible to rent a whole container if there is something to fill it with. This is where LCL transportation frees your hands: it allows you to reduce shipping costs and bring as much as you need without overpaying. Thanks to LCL, you can order cargo with a volume of less than one cubic meter from the USA or Canada. When forming an LCL container, none of the stages can be ignored. To receive the cargo in Europe in one piece and on time in the USA, you need the following:

  • Collect goods from suppliers in the warehouse.
  • Sort them so that they can be transported in one container.
  • Mark and, if necessary, pack additionally.
  • Complete all documents and check them.
  • Place the container according to the rules so that the cargo is not damaged during transportation and does not shift during the journey.

Which Option of Cargo Transportation Is More Profitable?

The difference between LCL and FCL is noticeable, but the answer to the question of Which is more profitable? It is not so unambiguous. A correctly chosen method of transportation makes delivery cheaper, which means it allows you to increase profits and expand the assortment. The choice of the type of transportation depends on the goods you are transporting and their volume. International container shipping companies will help you decide what is better: to use a full container or to send your order as part of a collective cargo.

Who Will Take Care of the Cargo During Shipping Overseas?

International container transportation is a complex process with many components. Meest consultant will help you choose the optimal route and pick up a delivery tariff package, optimize costs at each stage, and ensure the preparation of accompanying documentation.