What is Payroll Software? Myths and Facts

Recruiting or hiring employees and managing all aspects, from daily wages to tax calculations, and keeping a record of their essential information to progress tracking, is crucial to ensure smooth business growth. Performing all these tasks is hectic and quite risky. Therefore, relying on online payroll software is always a more reliable approach than manual strategies to avoid expensive mistakes and extra workload.

Payroll is a crucial, complicated, and time-consuming task involving many hectic tasks. Trying to achieve this task manually can result in massive damage to the market reputation and financial health of the business with huge fines or penalties by tax regulation authorities. Therefore, the use of digital payroll solutions is mandatory to avoid such mistakes and streamline this hectic process.

If you are a beginner or planning to digitize your payroll department but are confused about the importance of or outcomes of this decision, you can use this guide to know what exactly payroll software is and clear your confusion.

What is Payroll Software?

Payroll software is the best option to cope with major payroll errors such as wrong calculations, employee misclassification, incorrect tax collection, and poor time tracking. It releases the employees’ burden by shifting the entire system to automatic mode and provides accurate calculations within seconds. The most exciting and important thing is that it eliminates the need for massive paperwork, prints, and photocopies, which results in saving a lot of time and money.

Various types of payroll software with unique features and different price ranges are available in the market. However, not each tool is equally effective for all kinds of business. Therefore, selecting a credible solution such as Netchex is essential to fulfill your business needs and avoid bad experiences.

Myths and Facts

Despite the countless benefits of payroll software, some people still hesitate to invest in it because of some false beliefs or myths linked to it. Therefore, we are going to discuss these myths and the facts behind them.

Digital Payroll Solutions  Are Expensive

The first and most commonly believed myth about payroll software is that it is an expensive investment. Payroll software may cost a bit higher, but it helps the organizations to save money in multiple ways.

From eliminating expensive errors to cutting the need to hire payroll professionals and retaining potential employees to accurate tax calculations, it helps payroll managers at each stage and saves a considerable amount of money. Therefore, payroll software is the most economical choice to bring accuracy and efficiency to the payroll department with the company’s rapid growth.

Payroll Tools Used Only For Payment Calculations

Another major misconception about payroll and payroll tools is underestimating their importance and considering it is used only for payment calculations. Digital payroll tools are magical weapons which bring accuracy to each task. From employees onboarding to collecting their essential data and tracking their performance to auto-pay slip generations, they perform each task perfectly and allow payroll staff to spend their precious time on other essential tasks.

Online Payroll Solutions Are Difficult To Understand

Most people believe hiring digital payroll solutions will only add to their stress and financial burden because they are difficult to understand. It’s not true because the primary purpose of designing payroll software is to create ease for payroll managers and all other staff. They are pretty easy to use and consume significantly less time than manual payroll processing.

Payroll Software Effective only For Large Businesses

Small business owners believe that payroll software is only helpful for large-scale businesses only, which is a misconception. Payroll software equally serves all sizes and types of companies and helps them to grow smoothly and fast.


To summarize, payroll is much more than payment calculations, and the use of digital payroll solutions is mandatory to perform it perfectly and keep employees productive. Above mentioned myths are false beliefs or misconceptions because of unawareness. Therefore, you can trust these tools to cope with your payroll errors or mistakes and earn more revenue growth.

Make sure to choose scalable payroll tools integrated with CRM and HRM software to fulfill your upcoming business needs and eliminate the cost of buying digital tools for each department individually.