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What happened to Sakshi? In India, the murder of Sakshi has caused outrage and protests. People are demanding justice for Sakshi and her family.

What happened to Sakshi?

Sahil, her 16-year old friend, brutally murdered Sakshi in the Shahbad Dairy district of Delhi on May 28, 2023. Sahil was caught on CCTV recording the murder. He stabbed Sakshi more than 20 times, then crushed her head with a rock.

Sahil and Sakshi were said to be in a relationship. However, they argued the day before their murder. Sahil became angry with Sakshi because she had been talking to other boys. He decided to murder her.

Sahil, the suspect in the murder, was arrested shortly after. He is charged with murder, and is currently waiting for trial.

Sakshi’s murder shocked the nation and raised questions about women’s safety in India. Sakshi’s friends and family are grieved by her death and are demanding justice.

Sahil’s motive is not clear, but some believe that he was jealous over her new relationship. Sahil was abusive to Sakshi before, and had threatened to murder her if she left him.

Sakshi’s murder serves as a reminder of the dangers women in India face. Women should be alert to their surroundings and take action to protect themselves. Please contact a friend or family member if you feel threatened or stalked. You can also call the police.

Has Sahil murdered Sakshi?

Sahil is indeed accused of killing Sakshi. He was arrested in Bulandshahr, on May 29, 2023. The murder occurred on May 28, in the Shahbad Dairy district of Delhi. Sahil repeatedly stabbed Sakshi and then crushed her with a rock. CCTV cameras caught the murder. Sahil was charged with murder in accordance with Section 302 Indian Penal Code. He is currently being held in judicial custody.

Sakshi Murder Case

The Sakshi murder is a case that has been widely reported in India. It has caused outrage and protests. The case concerns the brutal killing of Sakshi, a 16-year old girl by her boyfriend Sahil.

The incident occurred on Sunday, 28 May 2023 in the Shahbad Dairy district of Delhi. Sahil (20 years old) stabbed Sakshi with a knife 21 times and then struck her with a stone. Then he fled.

Sakshi was taken to hospital but was declared dead upon arrival. A passerby found her body.

Sahil has been arrested and charged with murder. Sahil is in police custody.

In India, the Sakshi murder case has caused outrage and protests. The people of India are demanding justice for Sakshi, her family and herself. Also, they are calling for more strict laws to prevent violence against women.

This case also raises questions about women’s safety in India. Women are often afraid to walk alone in the evenings, as they worry about their safety. This murder case serves as a reminder to women in India of the dangers they face. This murder case is a reminder that we need to change. The Indian government must do more to protect and ensure the safety of women.

Why was Sakshi murdered by Sahil?

Sahil’s exact motive for killing Sakshi has not been revealed, but police speculate that it could have been a disagreement between them. Sahil was in a relationship with Sakshi, but they may have recently ended it. Police believe Sahil killed Sakshi out of anger.

Sahil’s actions, no matter what the reason may be, are unforgivable. Sahil has killed an innocent girl and must be brought to trial.

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