What Happened to Ylvis: How Did Ylvis Died?

Ylvis, the Norwegian comedy duo consisting of brothers Vegard and Bård Ylvisaaker, gained worldwide fame with their viral hit “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)” in 2013. But what has happened to Ylvis since their international breakthrough? In this article, we’ll explore their journey, their impact on pop culture, and what they’ve been up to in recent years.

The Rise of Ylvis

A Viral Sensation

Ylvis catapulted to fame with “The Fox,” a humorous and catchy song that took the internet by storm. Its absurdity and infectious tune captured the imaginations of millions.

International Recognition

“The Fox” turned Ylvis into global sensations overnight, landing them on international talk shows and making them household names far beyond their native Norway.

Beyond the Fox

A Diverse Portfolio

Ylvis didn’t rest on their laurels. They continued to create a variety of comedic sketches, music videos, and television shows, showcasing their versatility and creativity.

The Imitation Game

Their ability to parody popular culture and blend humor with music earned them a dedicated fan base that eagerly anticipated their next creative endeavor.

Ylvis in Recent Years

Evolving Projects

In recent years, Ylvis has diversified their projects. They’ve explored different comedic formats and continued to create content that resonates with their fans.

Staying True to Their Roots

Despite their international success, Ylvis has remained grounded, often returning to their Norwegian roots to create content that appeals to both local and global audiences.


While “The Fox” might have been their breakthrough moment, Ylvis has continued to make their mark in the world of comedy and entertainment. Their ability to adapt and evolve while staying true to their unique style ensures that they remain a cherished and enduring presence in pop culture.


1: What is Ylvis known for?

Ylvis is known for their viral hit song “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)” and their comedic sketches, music videos, and television shows.

2: What happened to Ylvis after “The Fox”?

After the success of “The Fox,” Ylvis continued to create a diverse range of comedic content, including sketches, music, and television shows.

3: Are Ylvis still active in the entertainment industry?

Yes, Ylvis is still active in the entertainment industry. They have evolved their projects and continue to create content that appeals to their fans.

4: Where can I watch Ylvis’ recent work?

Ylvis’ recent work can be found on various online platforms and streaming services. They often share their content on their official channels.

5: What is Ylvis’ impact on pop culture?

Ylvis’ impact on pop culture is marked by their ability to create viral and memorable content that resonates with audiences worldwide. They have left an indelible mark with their unique brand of humor and music.

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