What Happened To The Island Boys | Did The Island Boys Break Up?

What Happened to the Island Boys Franky Venegas and Alex Venegas were twin brothers who captivated TikTok 2021. A video of them singing at the Island Boys, the name of the song, quickly became TikTok’s identity. This article will provide information about What Happened to The Island Boys.

Who are The Island Boys?

Franky and Alex Venegas are better known as Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd on TikTok. They first uploaded their TikTok song on October 12, 2021. It has received more than 9 million views since then.

The catchy tune goes, “Cause it’s an island boy and I’ve been trying to make / Oh, my island boy / Ayyy,I’m a just islandboy, I just island boy.”

The hit song by the Florida Brothers has also been uploaded to Twitter, where it was mocked.

Distractify reports that comedian Andy Milanokis performed the song in front a large audience. They own their own business, and recently joined Cameo.

What happened to the Island Boys?

The Daily Mail reports that police raided the Island Boys home in response to a suspect accused of murdering an eight-year old girl. He was said to have been there for several nights with a stray shot. The investigation is not being conducted with the boys.

Andrew Thomas, the accused, arrived at the house just a few nights prior to the raid. He slept on the TikTok stars couch before being taken into custody on Monday, according the Daily Mail. WBPF was told by Dovi Bezner that Thomas and the boys were childhood friends.

Bezner stated, “We didn’t know any of it was happening, really.”

We knew him only as a quiet child, and he would go and hang out, do his thing, then go back to what he was doing. But we didn’t know about any of the allegations against him. We knew him only as a good person who grew up among the Island Boys.

Did the Island Boys break up?

The Island Boys took control of the internet last year after their breakthrough song, “I’m an Island Boy”, went viral.

The track was popular because of its lyrics and the bass-heavy beat. However, they both rose to internet fame for the exact same reasons.

Their claim to fame was not without controversy. The duo caused quite a stir in the space with their quarrels with Logan Paul and being booed at the first major live performance. They also tried to get into boxing matches alongside other influencers.

Where are the Island Boys Now?

After an eight-year old girl was shot and killed in a drive by shooting, TIKTOK’s rental house was raided. According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office a SWAT team executed an arrest warrant for the property on Monday. TikTok duo Island Boys (also known as Alex Venegas and Franky Venegas) are currently renting the house.

According to the outlet, although they were not arrested, police did take Andrew James Thomas into custody, a murder suspect.

Their manager said that the boys grew-up with Thomas.

According to Ernesto Bruna, a Coral Springs Police Sergeant, Thomas wasn’t staying at the house but was simply visiting the social media stars.

Who are Franky and Alex Venegas’s Parents,

According to Music in Minnesota, Alex and Franky lost their father when they were six years of age. They were raised by a single mother.

The brothers confessed to being children during a No Jumper podcast episode. Alex said, “We were out of control.” Both brothers were arrested for car theft, burglaries, and robberies. Franky also said that he was facing drug charges.

What is the Net Worth of The Island Boys?

The Island Boys aren’t signed to any record deals, but they have some cash. Although different sources have contradictory numbers, their net worth combined is believed to be between $500,000-$2 million.

Although it is not as much as they expected, it shows that TikTok can still make a living.

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