What happened to Ryan Garcia | Check Who is Ryan Garcia?

What happened to Ryan Garcia? Take a look at Ryan Garcia’s professional and personal life by reading this article.

Who Is Ryan Garcia?

Ryan Garcia is a professional boxer who hails from Victorville in California. He has amassed a huge following on Instagram with more than 8 million followers. He is known as “KingRy” and his striking power and impressive hand speed make him one of the top boxing prospects. Garcia competes both in the super featherweight and lightweight divisions. He is currently ranked sixth in the world in the active lightweight division by boxing publications like The Ring, Transnational Boxing Rankings Board and ESPN as of May 20, 2022. He is signed by Golden Boy Promotions.

What happened to Ryan Garcia?

On February 24, 2023 it was announced that Ryan Garcia and Gervonta would fight in a catchweight match at 136 lbs on April 22, in Las Vegas, Nevada. This highly anticipated pay-per view event, hosted by Showtime and DAZN, is expected to be a huge success. Davis knocked Garcia down twice in the second round and seventh round with a series body shots. Davis won by KO as Garcia could not get up before the referee tallied 10.

Garcia suffered his first professional loss. ‘He just hit me with a good punch’ Ryan Garcia has no explanations as to why he lost the fight against Gervonta. “I’m fine. Tank is an amazing fighter. I give him my highest praise. He knows that it’s love, not a lot else. I was honored to fight with such a great fighter. I have a high regard for him, and you all know the way the business works.

You’re a great man, brother. Davis won over Garcia. “He just caught me by a good shot. I’m not going to make excuses. He caught me with a great shot, and I couldn’t recover. All I have to say is that. Garcia said.

How much did Ryan Garcia Make?

Davis announced that, after the match, he would not claim the winnings of their winner-takes it all bet despite agreeing to it in advance. Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis said at a press conference that he did not intend to pressure his opponent into giving him his share of money. He stated, “Nah. He can keep the cash.” He said, “He can keep the money. He can keep it.” This contradicted what he had previously stated. Gervonta may have made up to $10 million in revenue from this fight. This includes the revenue from pay-per-view and 50% of tickets sold at T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas. Over 20,000 seats at prices ranging between $373 and $11,000 were sold. Ryan Garcia is said to have received $5 million from the Tank Davis match, although this has not been confirmed.

Ryan Garcia Fights

Ryan Garcia has won several notable matches including the following:

  • Jayson Velez: Garcia won the super featherweight fight against Velez by a unanimous decision.
  • Romero Duno: Garcia won the lightweight bout by submission in the first round.
  • Francisco Fonseca (2010): In the lightweight bout, Garcia beat Fonseca by submission in the first round.
  • Luke Campbell (2021). Garcia won the interim WBC light weight title with a unanimous decision win against Campbell.
  • Tagoe (2022): Garcia defeated Tagoe with a knockout round 2 and scores of 119 – 108, 119 – 108, and even 118 – 109.
  • Fortuna (2022): On July 16, 2022 in Los Angeles, California, Garcia faced Javier Fortuna at the Crypto.com arena in a super-lightweight bout. Garcia won the fight by technical knockout after he knocked down Fortuna three times in the sixth-round.

Ryan Garcia Loss

It Doesn’t get Any Better Than This” was the title of this much-anticipated boxing match. Gervonta, WBA (Regular Lightweight) champion, was to face former WBC Interim Lightweight champion Ryan Garcia. The non-title bout was held at the T-Mobile Arena, in Paradise Nevada, on April 22, 2023. It had a catchweight limit of 136 pounds and a 10-pound rehydration provision.

The pay-per view event was held by Showtime and DAZN. Davis’ body shots brought Garcia down in the second round and the seventh. Davis won the fight by knockout after Garcia did not stand up as the referee counted to 10. It was Garcia’s debut defeat in professional boxing.

Ryan Garcia’s Personal Life

Ryan Garcia was seven years old when he discovered boxing. He had ambitions to represent the United States in the 2016 Olympics. Garcia, who comes from a large and supportive family, actively supported Garcia’s amateur career. He won the title of national amateur champion 15 times. His amateur record was 215-15. His mother is his personal assistant in his business ventures. His father is also one of Garcia’s trainers.

In March 2019, Garcia became a father to a daughter. Garcia welcomed a daughter in March 2019. Although born and raised in America, Garcia embraces Mexican heritage which is evident in mannerisms. He wears the Mexican flag colors and holds both the American flag and the Mexican flag when entering the ring.

Eddy Reynoso trained Garcia between October 2018 and February 2022. He also trains Canelo alvarez and Scar Valdez in their San Diego facility. Joe Goosen, his current trainer, is currently in charge. Garcia started learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Rener Gracie in December 2022.

Ryan Garcia Wife

Ryan Garcia has not been married for a while, but he does have two children. One is with his current partner Drea Celina and the other is from an earlier relationship. Drea Celina was born in Mexico, in 1996. She has an impressive following of 152k Instagram followers. Ryan dated Catherine Gamez who is also an Instagram influencer. Their relationship was frequently seen in public.

The couple have a daughter, but the relationship became toxic. They split. Ryan and Drea almost split up after he kissed TikTok star Malu Trivajo in a video while Drea was expecting their second child. They were able, however, to resolve the issues and are still together today.

Ryan Garcia Workout and Diet

Ryan Garcia has a strict diet that includes a sandwich with a whole egg, turkey, avocado and cheese on organic wholegrain bread for breakfast. He has three hard boiled eggs and spicy sauce for lunch. The third meal consists of lettuce wrapped with ground turkey, pico de Gallo and fresh salsa. Ryan’s intense training regimen is not for beginners as he is both a professional and champion boxer.

To maintain peak physical condition, he focuses on various workouts such as weight lifting, strength training and core exercises. He also does stamina training and endurance training. He has become one of the top lightweight boxers because of his dedication to training.

Ryan Garcia Height & Weight

Ryan Garcia stands at 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 135 pounds. Garcia started his professional career at the age of 17, on June 9, 2016. In Tijuana, he won his first match with a TKO over Edgar Meza. He was then signed by Golden Boy Promotions the following November. Oscar De La Hoya confirmed that Garcia will make his debut at The Forum on December 17, 2016 in the Smith-Hopkins main event, light-heavyweight. Garcia was knocked out in the second round.



Height 5′ 11″
Weight 135 pounds
Age 24 Years Old
Chest 41 Inch
Waist 31 Inch
Biceps 14 1/2 inch


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