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After Ziqi Li abruptly disappeared from her YouTube channel, fans of the Chinese video blogger and entrepreneur were concerned as to what happened to Li Ziqi.

Who Is Li Ziqi

Li Ziqi is a Chinese vlogger and entrepreneur who has become an Internet sensation for her videos that showcase food and craft preparations. Li Ziqi, who hails from rural Pingwu County, in the Mianyang Region of the north-central Sichuan Province (Southwest China), uses traditional Chinese techniques using basic ingredients and tools.

As of August 21, 2021 her YouTube channel boasted over 2.7 billion hits and 16 million subscribers, earning it the prestigious Guinness World Record as “the most subscribers on YouTube for a Chinese-language channel.” Li Ziqi, born in 1990, grew up in Pingwu County in Sichuan Province after her parents died.

She was raised in a home by her grandparents. At 14, she dropped out of school and began her career as a server. She then ventured into beauty and modeling. Li Ziqi started her YouTube channel in 2016. She began posting videos of the traditional Chinese handicrafts and cuisine.

Her content quickly gained popularity and a large following. Li Ziqi’s videos are known for their cinematography, and the focus they place on traditional Chinese culture. She incorporates traditional Chinese clothing and music into her productions.

Li Ziqi’s videos have been praised for their positive messages, and authentic representation of Chinese traditional culture. She is credited as a cultural ambassador for China and with revitalizing the interest in traditional Chinese customs.

Li Ziqi was awarded the People’s Choice Award by the People’s Daily in 2019 for her contribution. She was also nominated to be a member of All-China Youth Federation.

Li Ziqi is a role-model for many young people in China. She shows that you can achieve success and still preserve the traditional Chinese culture. She continues to inspire millions of people around the world, having a positive effect on society.

What happened to Li Ziqi

Li Ziqi is a Chinese YouTuber who is well-known for her lifestyle videos. She stopped uploading videos more than a year ago because of a legal dispute she had with her agent. The case is now settled and she may return with new material.

Hangzhou Weinian Brand Management Co. announced on its official WeChat page that Li Ziqi, Li’s resident, had been settled by mediation at the Intermediate People’s Court of Mianyang in Sichuan Province. Specific details about the case were not disclosed.

In July, Li’s channel, with over 17 million YouTube subscribers and 7.7 millions on China’s Bilibili platform, suddenly stopped releasing any new content. Li and Weinian both filed multiple lawsuits between October 2021 and March 2022. However, the reasons for the disputes weren’t made public.

In 2017, Li founded a joint-venture named Sichuan Ziqi Culture Communication Co. with Weinian holding the majority of shares. Li held 49 percent. Recent records on the Chinese business website Qichacha reveal that, as of Monday, Li is the majority shareholder, with a 99 percent stake. Weinian still holds a 1 percent share.

A report by the Chinese media outlet China Entrepreneur citing an individual with knowledge of the situation predicts that Li will return with new content, while maintaining her relationship to Weinian.

As of Wednesday, neither Weinian nor Li responded to comment requests. Li became famous in 2015 after sharing videos of her peaceful lifestyle in Sichuan, which includes cooking and handicrafts. Weinian was her agent in 2016 and helped promote her videos. I broke her Guinness World Record set in 2020 for “most subscribers on a Chinese language channel on YouTube.”

What happened to Li Ziqi after the legal dispute?

Li Ziqi has settled her contract with Weinian on the 27th of December. This new development will allow her to return with brand-new content, after a 531-day hiatus. Li Ziqi’s settled legal dispute has ignited lively discussion amongst her fans both in China and abroad.

Weibo is China’s most popular microblogging platform. The topic “Li Ziqi will make a return” shot to the top of Hot Search, accumulating over 390 millions views. Li Ziqi’s year-and a-half-long silence has ended, and she can now claim her brand. She will also receive the income that she is entitled to.

Li Ziqi was a household name in 2015, before the dispute erupted, for her peaceful and authentic lifestyle videos that showcased her cooking and craftsmanship in the countryside in her hometown of Sichuan Province.

Li Ziqi’s YouTube channel has over 17,5 million subscribers, despite the lack of new content. This is still true in 2023. Her worldwide following is over 100 million when you consider her presence on social media platforms like Douyin Bilibili and Weibo. During Li Ziqi’s inactivity, many people asked “What happened to Li Ziqi?” During her period of inactivity, comments from her international followers on YouTube included questions like “What happened to Li Ziqi?” Comments from international viewers on her YouTube channel.

In the fast-paced world of today, brands encourage their consumers to live a productive life. SHEIN, an online Chinese fast fashion retailer, releases more than a thousand items per day, and short form videos are experiencing rapid growth.

Has Li Ziqi returned to his original path?

Li Ziqi fans were eagerly awaiting her return after a long hiatus of posting videos to her YouTube channel. Since July 14, 2021 the last video Li Ziqi uploaded was. Her loyal subscribers remain steadfast despite her prolonged absence.

Comment sections of her latest video were flooded with messages from fans expressing their desire for her to return to her creative pursuits. Her fans are awaiting Li Ziqi’s return with great anticipation. They are eagerly awaiting new content in order to witness once again her captivating storytelling and mesmerizing filmography.

Li Ziqi’s videos have captured millions of hearts and minds around the world with their unique blends of traditional Chinese culture and culinary expertise in serene countryside settings. In the period between uploads, Li Ziqi’s subscribers showed unwavering support by leaving encouraging messages. They also expressed their belief that Li Ziqi will continue to captivate audiences with her amazing content.

They are eagerly awaiting the day that her channel will be filled with new videos, showcasing talent, passion and her commitment to share the beauty of Chinese Culture with the world. If she returns to her old path, we will update our page with the good news.

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