What Happened In Duxbury | Where Is Lindsay Clancy Now?

What happened in Duxbury? The Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office confirmed that a seven-month-old Duxbury boy died after his mother allegedly assaulted him and killed two of his siblings earlier this week. This article will provide information about What Happened in Duxbury.

What happened in Duxbury?

Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office confirmed that a seven-month-old Duxbury boy died after his mother allegedly hurt him and killed two of his siblings earlier in the week.

Callan Clancy, a boy who was identified by the DA’s office, died Friday at Boston Children’s Hospital at 11.18 a.m.

According to authorities, Lindsay Clancy (32), is accused of strangling her children and then jumping out of a window in a suicide attempt. Clancy’s husband called 911 after discovering the crime scene. Cora, 5 and Dawson, 3 were the older children of the couple. They were pronounced dead at the hospital. Callan, the infant was flown to Children’s Hospital for treatment of traumatic injuries. Callan later died.

Lindsay Clancy is paralyzed?

Clancy, 32 of Duxbury was taken into police custody after she allegedly strangled her 5-year old daughter Cora and her 3-year-old son Dawson. Her infant was also left severely hurt before Clancy attempted suicide.

After Callan, her 8-month old son, was declared dead at Boston Children’s Hospital, she is now facing additional charges.

Clancy was on leave as a Massachusetts General Hospital labour and delivery nurse when the tragedy occurred. She had previously posted on social media about her anxiety during motherhood.

According to NBC Boston Clancy was diagnosed as having postpartum depression. However, her family did not respond to questions regarding whether Clancy also suffered from psychosis. Clancy was not paralyzed, but it seems like she suffered postpartum depression.

Lindsay Clancy is Missing From the Scene?

Clancy was also taken to hospital and is currently being held by police. He has been charged with two counts each of homicide and three counts each of strangulation, assault, and battery with deadly weapons. No new charges have been announced by the district attorney’s office. Authorities have not yet identified the motive, but Clancy’s case has raised speculation about postpartum mental illness among new mothers. On Thursday, community members gathered in Duxbury to hold a vigil. They were still reeling from this shocking tragedy. A GoFundMe campaign was launched to help Clancy’s husband with legal bills and funeral costs. It had already raised over $400,000 by Friday afternoon.

The Rev. said, “It’s unimaginable that such a tragic event would happen in any family anywhere, but here it is.” At the vigil, Bill Williams from Holy Family Church spoke.

What is Postpartum Psychology?

According to the Cleveland Clinic, postpartum psychosis is a rare and treatable mental illness that can affect women who have given birth after having children. There are many symptoms, including hallucinations, delusions, mood changes, depersonalization and agitation.

“They’ll have hallucinations in which the baby’s head isn’t theirs anymore,” Kylie Chaffin (a licensed mental health counsellor with Perinatal Mental Health) said about some PPP patients’ hallucinations.

PPP is more common in those who have had a history of major depression or bipolar disorder. However, the Cleveland Clinic lists other risk factors like sleep deprivation and hormonal changes. According to Postpartum Support International (about.1% to.2%) PPP is much less common than postpartum depressive disorder, which affects around 15% of women.

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