What Blackpink Girl Are You | Check Intro Here!

Do you love K-pop band Blackpink? Would you like to find out which Blackpink member you share the most in common? This personality quiz will help you determine which Blackpink girl best suits your interests and personality.


YG Entertainment formed Blackpink in 2016 as a four-member South Korean girl band. Jisoo (Jennie, Rose and Lisa) form the group Blackpink. They are well-known for their catchy songs and dynamic performances. This quiz will reveal which member of the group they most resemble.

Which Blackpink Girl are You? Quiz on Personality Testing

This quiz will ask you ten questions about your personality, interests, and preferences. Each question can have four answers. You should pick the one that best describes your personality. Don’t be too frank with your answers. This quiz is meant to be entertaining and fun.

Question 1 – What’s your favorite color?

a) Black b), Pink c), Red d) Blue

Question 2 – What’s your favorite hobby?

a) Singing b) Dancing c) Shopping d) Playing video games

Question 3 – What’s your favorite food?

a) Pizza b) Sushi c) Fried chicken d) Ice cream

Question 4 – What’s your favorite kind of music?

a) Pop b) Rock c) Hip hop d) EDM

Question 5 – What’s your favorite movie genre?

A) Romantic comedy b), Action c) Horror Drama d) Drama

Question 6 – What’s your favorite animal?

a) Cat b) Dog c) Bird d) Snake

Question 7 – Where is your favorite spot to hang out?

a) Beach Club b) Club Club c) Library Library d) Park

Question 8 – What’s your favorite kind of clothing?

a) Casual b), Chic c) Sporty D) Elegant

Question 9 – What’s your favorite season?

a) Spring b) Summer c) Fall d) Winter

Question 10 – What’s your favorite social media platform?

a) Instagram


Now, it’s time for you to add up all your answers and determine which Blackpink girl best matches your personality. Your Blackpink girl Jisoo is if you answered mostly A’s. Your Blackpink girl Jennie is if you answered mostly A’s. Rose is your Blackpink girl if you answered mostly B’s. If you answered mostly D, your Blackpink girl will be Lisa.

1. Jisoo

Jisoo, who was born January 3, 1995, is the oldest Blackpink member. Her bright personality, sense humor and amazing visuals are what make her stand out. She is an actress and singer who has been featured in many Korean dramas. Jisoo is beloved by her supportive and caring nature and is often called the “mom of the group”.

2. Jennie

Jennie, who was born January 16, 1996, is Blackpink’s main rapper and lead singer. Her strong stage presence, fashion sense and confident attitude are what make her stand out. Jennie is multi-talented and has released solo music. She is often called the “queen of the group” because her determination and strong work ethic are admired by her fans.

3. Rose

Rose, who was born February 11, 1997, is Blackpink’s main vocalist. Her unique voice, gentle personality and amazing guitar skills are what make her stand out. Rose hails from New Zealand, and she has a worldwide fan base. Rose is beloved by her fans for her sincere songwriting and emotional performances. She is often called the “angel” in the group.

4. Lisa

Lisa, who was born March 27, 1997, is Blackpink’s main dancer and rapper. Her sharp dance moves, charismatic personality and unique fashion sense are what make her stand out. Lisa, a Thai national, has been a role model to young Thais. She is known as the “dancing machine” because of her dedication and hard work.

We hope you enjoyed the Blackpink personality quiz for girls and that it was fun to find out who matches your personality. The results are only for entertainment purposes. You don’t need to be like any Blackpink member to become a fan. Blackpink is a unique group that has many strengths and special qualities. Blackpink is worth supporting and you might meet your Blackpink girl one day.

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