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Are you a fan ZikriDaulay, a young actor and model? Recent rumors that have been circulating on social media are not new. Want to find out what the subject is in the video? The video is now the most talked about topic among netizens worldwide. We shared the information in the Video Zikri Daulay TWITTER post.

What content is in the ZikriDaulay latest video?

ZikriDaulay, a young actor and model from Indonesia, is one of the most promising. He is known for his charisma and acting skills. A video of ZikriDaulay, which showed a similar facial expression and posture, was posted to social media on December 26, 2022. The person captured his intimate moments in the bathroom. The individual posed naked with a torch from his mobile phone and recorded himself in front the mirror. Reddit went viral after the offensive video became viral.

The actor recently shared a photo of himself with TissaBiani, his co-star in the film. He commented on the post that he didn’t want to get into a debate about the photo, but for fun. This disturbing video was leaked online and viewed by many people.

Many believe the video was edited. ZikriDaulay has not yet responded to the allegations.

The actor may look 17 years older than the person in the video. The video went viral on TIKTOK and there are many comments.

What do netizens say about the video?

His situation was met with humor and sympathy in the comments. One commented, “Try to open Twitter and your videos are busy.” Another said that he thought it was edited with sad emoticons. Another commented that he was hot in his youth. Another person later commented on the HP he used, as the photo is blurred by a laughing emoticon.

Some Instagram users expressed sadness over the viral video of the actor. We will now look at some details about the actor. Take a look at this section.

ZikriDaulay Wikipedia.

Name: ZikriDaulay. Date of birth May 3, 1995. Age: 27. Profession: Actor, model. Nationality: Indonesia. Children: One son. Mother name: Siblings. Sister and two brothers. ZikriDaulay’s brothers

They are also involved in acting. Many videos on YOUTUBE are related to ZikriDaulay’s disturbing video.

ZikriDaulay began his career as an actor on the telecast Dear Nathan in 2017. His debut starred him in the lead role. He continued his acting career in films in 2018, and was cast in two more films. He was part of two web series. Social media users shared their disgust at the viral video. People laugh at posting disturbing videos on Telegram and other social media platforms, which is wrong.


We have provided information in this article about the contents of ZikriDaulay’s viral video. It is unacceptable to post such disturbing videos as it has a negative impact on society. For more information on ZikriDaul, click here. Did you find this article useful? Please share your thoughts.

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