Venice Airplane Crash | Check How Many People Died?

This article provides details about details of Venice Airplane Crash police investigation information and details about the reason for the crash.

Is Venice’s tiny Airplane destroyed? What happened to the plane that was destroyed? What happened to those who were aboard the flight? Two couples died by the Venice plane crash. The two couples were being flown into Venice by plane from Indiana, United States. The police have identified the four victims involved in the crash of a plane near Venice on the Gulf of Mexico. Go through this Venice Airplane Crash article for specific details on the plane crash.

Venice Plane Crash

In the crash of a small plane in Venice four people were killed on Wednesday at night, at sea in the Gulf of Mexico. It was reported that the Venice Fire rescue team reported that they had identified the bodies near the Venice Fishing Pier. The Fire Department and the police of Venice received calls from a variety of people who witnessed the accident.

And Venice the police department and the fire department also rushed in and began responding at 9:45 p.m. Numerous witnesses from the fishing pier described the accident within a half mile from the point of landing in the Gulf of Mexico.

Venice Florida Airplane Crash

In the Venice, Florida plane crash the rescue crew identified victims as two males as well as two females. It was reported that the Venice rescue team searched for the plane on Wednesday evening. At that point they had only found two bodies. The next early in the morning, the rescue crew was in the water, and found two bodies.

The Venice Police Department identified the couple’s name, their age and the location. The couple was flown in from Indiana. The names of the passengers and age ranges are the pilot William Lumpkin, 64 years old, Ricky Beaver, 60 years old, Patricia Lumpkin, 68-year-old and Elizabeth Beaver, 57 years old.

More information about Airplane Crash and Death

The police department made a report Thursday afternoon regarding the plane crash. The police stated that the crew took off in an Piper PA-32R single-engine plane. The plane took passengers to Albert Whitted Airport, Florida’s St. Petersburg, to Venice. Arriving around five p.m. and gathered with acquaintances at Sharky’s On the Pier for dinner. Then, after dinner, they began their journey at 9:00 p.m. on the Venice Municipal Airport. The information in the article is intended for sole informational purpose.

Venice Airplane Crash Investigation

As per the Venice Police Investigation According to the Venice Police Investigation, there were travelers flew from the small area of Florida in Florida, arrived at Venice. After having dinner with their companions, they began their journey at Venice Municipal Airport. The Airplane went down shortly after takeoff about 9:30 p.m.

Venice police department continues its investigation in conjunction with Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office. It is believed that the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) as well as the FAA have also looked into the causes of the crash. Also, Wildlife Conservation Commission and Florida Fish crews are part of the investigation. The pier for the airplane will remain closed during the investigation to continue.

Similar Venice Airplane Crash

Venice lies on the Florida’s Gulf Coast and 58 miles south of St. Petersburg. An identical plane crash occurred in December of last year in Venice. In the Airplane crash the couple as well as their child, as well as three members of a family were killed. The investigators described it as an unusual crash and suggested that there could be some connection between these two events.


Four people were killed in a minor plane crash in Venice. The police discovered similarities between the earlier crash and the most recent. You can view Venice information about the investigation into the plane crash on this page.

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