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Andover murder-suicide case

Andover Ma Murder Suicide: A horrible incident occurred in Andover Ma. It happened on Thursday morning.

Officials believe it to be a horrific case of murder-suicide or domestic violence. They stated that the 911 call was made from the house at 3:21 AM.

Murder Suicide Andover

Andover Murder Suicide, The Andover murder-suicide case has been in the news for a while. Officials claim that a 911 Call was made from the house but have not disclosed who it was.

Officials confirmed the presence of the father, mother, and son in the home.

Andover Ma Murder Suicide family member

Andover Ma Suicide, A family of three: a father, mother, and son. Andrew Robinson was the wife of Linda Robinson and Sebastian Robinson was twelve years old.

The mother and her son were both killed. Police are investigating the case to find out the reason for the Andover Ma Suicide.

In a word

Andover Ma Murder Suicide. This link will give you more details about the Andover murder/suicide investigation.

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