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Trevor Burrows Cause of Death

A fatal car accident took place within Johnson County, resulting in the death of an 18 year old young man, Trevor Burrows, and the injury to Jacob Cohen, also 18 years old. The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, the accident occurred on a early Saturday in the area of 2800 Dubuque Street. N.E. Burrows as well as Cohen were driving southbound in Dubuque Street in a 2010 Jeep Wrangler when the vehicle was a bit off the roadway and crashed over into an unmarked ditch.

The collision caused both teens to be taken off the vehicle because they did not wear seats belts when they were involved in the collision. Burrows passed away immediately while Cohen was taken immediately into the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics for medical treatment. The reason for the accident is currently being investigated by authorities.

What Happened to Trevor Burrows?

On Saturday, in 2800-block of Dubuque St. NE in rural Johnson County, a crash resulted in one 18-year old from North Liberty dead and another hospitalized. The incident happened just after 1:30 am . Trevor Burrows and Jacob Cohen Both were 18 and driving the Jeep Wrangler and entered a ditch, which caused the vehicle to roll , causing both of the passengers to fall off. According to the authorities the two were not wearing a seat belt.

Trevor Burrows was pronounced dead at the scene , and Jacob Cohen was transported to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics to receive treatment. The details of the condition of Jacob Cohen were made available and the incident remains being investigated.

Who is Trevor Burrows?

Trevor Burrows was a young person from North Liberty, Iowa. He passed away in 2023, on the 8th of April as a result of an accident. There’s no additional details available on him including his profession and hobbies or hobbies.

His passing is a devastating loss for his loved ones, family members, and the community. Funeral services of Trevor Burrows will be held at St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Coralville and will be then followed by a private burial for the family on Ridgewood Cemetery in North Liberty.

What did they do to die?

The incident occurred in Iowa City, a crash that took place in the early morning hours on Saturday led to deaths of one 18 year old and injured another teenager. Trevor Burrows, a resident of North Liberty, and Jacob Cohen of Iowa City, were heading southbound on the block 2800 of Dubuque Street Northeast at around 1:35 a.m. Their jeep that they were riding in was thrown into a ditch, and then rolled over, causing the teens to fall out of the vehicle. Deputies responding of the Johnson County Sheriff’s office pronounced Burrows dead at the crash location. Cohen was transported into the Iowa State University Hospitals and Clinics (UIHC) to receive medical treatment, however the severity of his injuries is not clear.

Trevor Burrows Obituary

The 8th of April, 2023 Trevor Joseph Burrows, 18 who was from North Liberty, IA, passed away as a result of an accident. Funeral services for Trevor Joseph Burrows are scheduled for the 14th of April 2023 at 11 am in the St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Coralville. Following the funeral service the time for fellowship is scheduled in the church’s community hall. The family will then conduct the burial in private in the Ridgewood Cemetery in North Liberty that has a view of their family home.

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