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Are you familiar with Toni Fowler’s new song MPL Music Video? Fans and critics from the Philippines demand a thorough review of her latest music video.

MPL By Toni Fowler & Controversies

Toni Fowler’s New Song Mpl Music Video. A new song and its music clip by Toni Fowler, a Filipino singer, have been controversial due to their explicit content. The video is not suitable for children, even though it is available on YouTube. The video is not explicit, but anyone can access it on the internet.

Many have criticised the rating authority for failing to express concern about the video. These criticisms have been addressed by the MTRCB who stated that they were not sent the video for review. They would have given it an unsuitable rating if they had seen it.

Information on Toni Fowler

Toni Fowler, New Song Mpl Music video Toni looked very intimate in her music video.

Name Toni Fowler
Nationality Philippines
Birthdate 23rd July 1993
Profession Actress, Singer, Model and Influencer
Relationship Status She was married to Rob Moya but they no longer live together.
Children She’s a daughter Tyronia Fowler
Religion Christian
Education Unknown

Social Media Links

Instagram Page Link

Toni has 1.1million followers and is only following 39 people. In her bio, she has included the details of the manager.

Facebook Link


She has 7.33 Million subscribers to her channel and posts videos frequently.


Toni has over 300,000. Followers on her Twitter Page. Toni’s location is pinned at Quezon City. She joined the network in 2016 and has over 300,000 followers. She is active on all of her social media pages.

In The Last

Toni Fowler’s New Song MPL Music Video. This article discusses the controversy surrounding the MPL song’s new music video. It has been popularized on TikTok, and other platforms, due to its explicit content. There have been concerns about the possible negative effects on children as the video is readily accessible to the public. The article also contains the response of the MTRCB to the matter.

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