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This post gives details about the Texas Driver Kills 7 Video, which is a video that has gone viral across several platforms. Read further for details.

Have you seen the video of the Texas accident? Are you familiar with the accident? A car accident on Sunday caused the death of several people. The bad news is hurtful to the citizens of the United States. The news is devastating to many people, and some have even died. This post will provide more information on the Texas accident. Start the post by learning more about Texas Driver Kills 7 Video.

Texas Driver ploughs car video

Accidents in cars are not uncommon, but some are deadly. In Texas, a driver hit several pedestrians with his vehicle. Around seven people were killed in the incident. According to some online sources there were 18 pedestrians. Eight of them died and 10 others were injured. There’s still no official confirmation of the number.

The accident happened around 8:29am on Sunday. Social media is also circulating the video of the accident. In the video it’s clear that the SUV slammed into pedestrians who were waiting for the bus.

Accident video goes viral on Reddit

Reddit does not have the Texas car video, but it is available elsewhere. Two videos exist of the accident. In one video, you can see a car speeding up and hitting 18 people. In another video, the injured are seen lying on the road. In the video, there was a lot of blood on the victims. Some of the victims were covered in blood.

The video is now being shared on social media. Several people also posted photos of people injured in hospitals. Twitter is a great place to find the accident video.

Details of the incident

Brownsville, Texas was the scene of a car accident in the early morning. A car plowed pedestrians over as they waited outside Ozanam Center for the bus. George Alvarez, 34, was the driver. According to online sources, police are investigating whether the driver was intoxicated.

According to the reports, it was not clear whether the driver crashed deliberately or lost control of his vehicle. George Alvarez, the driver of the vehicle, tried to flee from his accident scene. However, some people stopped him.

Can I view the crash video on Instagram?

The video is not available on Instagram. The full video is easily accessible on Twitter. The video has been divided into two sections. The video is divided into two parts. One includes the crash and the other includes the victims on the road. The video is not easily accessible on Instagram as we searched the site but could find no clip that was related to the accident.

Twitter has made the video available to some users. Twitter allows you to search for the video of the accident and watch it in full. The video shows the brutality with which the driver of the car crashed into the pedestrians. You can watch the entire incident on Youtube.

Latest Update on the Car Crash

According to the latest reports the driver of the car has been arrested. George, the car driver, has a long list of raps. He appeared before the court on Monday. According to sources, authorities are awaiting toxicology results. The article contains information about a car accident that occurred in Texas. The article includes a link to the car accident so that readers are aware of the reckless driving by the driver.

A nutshell

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