Tawjihi .com {Aug} Know The Facts About The Website!

The piece on Tawjihi .com details the two websites and their primary objectives that are to provide information for the general public and students.

Are you someone who is awed by studying? Are you aware that the institution you attended at can help you change your character and qualifications? It is the Moroccogovernment’s Ministry Of Higher Education, Research, And Innovation developed an open access platform that allows for easy access and clear transparency to allow graduates to be accepted into public institutions. So in this post we’ll take a examine Tawjihi .com.

The analysis of the website

“Tawjihi,” which means “guide to the world”, is “Tawjihi” is an Arabic word. It translates to “guide,” so the website was created to help the students or anyone else. This site provides instructions to students about displaying the colleges degree courses as well as the name of the institution; however, clicking on the information will take you to a different website.

Analysis of legitimacy

  • The domain has not yet been bought.
  • The domain was registered the 21st of May 2002, which means the domain’s age is 20 years old.
  • It has earned an overall confidence score of sixty percent.

Based on the trust score this could be a legitimate website but it’s not looking like a genuine site.

Tawjihi .Ma

Another website is in that of Tawjihi. It is true to the meaning in the name. Yes, it’s an educational website for the nation that helps and guides students to be accepted into public universities to pursue their higher education. The website is an interactive website which simulates bachelor’s applications procedure to be enrolled in public universities.

Only baccalaureate students are able to apply for admission. Foreign applicants can enroll at the public universities, including technological higher schools faculty of technology and science and national institutions of art and design. The site assists students with their studies during the academic year (2022 through 2023)

Utilization of the site

It is worth noting that the Tawjihi .com website is focused on two subjects including accounting software and business finance. The site is twenty years old and will expire within two years. However, they do not provide any reliable information to the individuals. A few of the most well-known website credibility score checkers have branded that this site is a fraudulent and unsecure site.

In addition there is a website called Tawjihi ma website provides comprehensive information on the application process and eligibility requirements, a FAQs for students and much more. They have not only been able to assist Moroccan citizens however, they also welcome foreign applicants. Each candidate must submit their nationality information on the site.

A related term

Tawjihi .com claims to be among the most reliable sources of information, however the only information they offer is random university websites, including Canada University, and even some local sites. However, when you look into the title “tawjihi”, everyone remembers the exam for the upper secondary that is held within Jordan as well as Palestine. It is the final exam stage for school pupils from that region.


If you’re an Moroccan Baccalaureate student and would like to pursue a university-level education, make sure you don’t confuse Tawjihi com with another website that begins in “ma”. The second website aids and guides you to the most the most prestigious universities. Tawjihi exams are not linked directly to Tawjihi .com website It is distinct from the educational programs and tests. The public must be more aware that this website does not appear like the real thing.