Tamale Mainchick Video | Check Viral Video Here!

This article is about facts regarding the viral Tamale Mainchick Video. It is drawing too much attention from the general public.

Are you aware of the viral video of Tamale Main’s chick, also known by Boss lady? Do you know the details of this scandal? We will provide all details about the video leak in this article. Because they feature famous and well-known people, viral videos are always of interest to people around the world.

You can find out more about the Tamale Mainchick Video by reading the post details. Also, see why this video is so popular on social media. For a better understanding, you can examine the contents.

What’s the Tamale Mainchick Video?

There are many discussions on the internet about the controversial video featuring Tamale, a Tiktok personality. This footage has gone viral on Reddit and other social networking sites, attracting a lot of attention from the public.

A video of MainChick, also known as Abubakari Asana (aka MainChick), went viral on social media on Monday, 13 March 2023. Mainchick indulges herself in sexual acts in the video. For more information, please see the links below.

More details about the leaked footage

Mainchick was seen in a leaked Twitter video, alone and sleeping on her own bed. Although the source of the leak has not been confirmed, this is not the first scandal related to social media celebrities. The Main chick was also criticized for her indecent exposure via Instagram during her live chat.

Why is this leaked video on social media so popular?

The video went viral online immediately after it was found. While some people are critical of the indecent exposure to the public domain, others only care about the views and the money. There are rumors that Abubakari recorded a video of her self in exchange for gift cards from a man.

Who’s Abubakari Asani?

Abubakari, also known as Main chick is well-known for her Tiktok videos. Her family is from Tamale Northern and she has a large fan base on her Instagram accounts. According to sources, the student is young from Tamale Technical University’s media and communications department. Asana has been living in a rented apartment in kpalisi for almost a year. There she also recorded the Youtube video.


The leaker has not been identified and all links to the inappropriate videos have been removed from the public domain in order to stop their circulation.

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