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Steakhouse Longhorn Scam: Read the exclusive facts that you won’t find anywhere else about this scam to learn about its plot and message.

Darden Restaurants has been operating the Longhorn Steakhouse chain since 2007. Longhorn Steakhouse, a wholly-owned subsidiary, has more than 559 locations in the United States and Puerto Rico. Rick Cardenas, CEO of Longhorn Steakhouse has taken the company to new heights with 1.6 billion dollars in revenue. Did you know ads on Facebook were a part the Steakhouse Longhorn Scam.

Longhorn Steakhouse advertisement:

An ad circulated on @Longhorn-Steak-Houses-Fans-116675758022058 pages featuring a message from the president of Longhorn Steakhouse, Todd Borrows Gorham.

The ad/message needs to be sent within 72 hours of receipt. You must forward the ad/message to at least thirty people. The post has been shared over 50K times.

Reality of the Ad:

This message is a fraud as it wasn’t posted on Longhorn Steakhouse’s official Facebook pages. Longhorn Steakhouse also has a separate website where customers can register with their contact and email information in order to receive updates on upcoming and current offers at Longhorn Steakhouse. (The link for the official Longhorn Steakhouse offer page is provided below).

Why is this ad fake?

The Steakhouse Longhorn Scam Ad is the message that appears on fan pages. Anonymously, the owner of this fan page. There is also no way to know who forwarded the advertisement, how many times it was forwarded, who the advertisement was sent to, or how to keep track of the user IDs and names, credentials and Facebook users that forwarded the message. You may have guessed that this ad was a fake and a useless forwarding. On the Facebook fan page, no mention is made of how users can receive/claim a coupon or reward in exchange for free meals.

The story of Steakhouse Longhorn Scam

Longhorn Steakhouse was not involved in the creation of the viral message. Todd, the president of Longhorn Steakhouse did not initiate an offer of free meals for 2 people, nor did Todd change the CEO at Longhorn Steakhouse.

On 18th/March/2023, a similar ad became viral on another Facebook page. The viral message had created havoc at that time among Longhorn Steakhouse’s customers. Longhorn Steakhouse, a well-known and popular restaurant, is not the subject of a publicity stunt. Steakhouse Longhorn Scam, on the other hand, is a plan to discredit Longhorn Steakhouse. Once customers realize that the advertisement was a fraud, their high expectations are ruined. This will create a negative image of Longhorn Steakhouse.

About Longhorn Steakhouse :

Longhorn Steakhouse serves a variety of delicacies that are seasoned with their signature seasoning. These include Sirloin Steaks, Flo’s Filets, a Filet Mignon and French Fries. Other items served at the restaurant include Chicken, Ribs, Shrimps, Lobsters, Salads, Texas Tonion, Wild West Shrimp, Soups, Hamburgers, Sandwiches, and a full bar facility serving Signature Marga

The viral advertisement offering two free meals under the name Steakhouse Longhorn Scam, was therefore irresistible! The Longhorn Steakhouse chain is stunning, as it was built with a Western or Texan theme. The locations all featured Western or Texan pictures and memorabilia. They were also decorated with oil paintings that enhanced the overall look.


Longhorn Steakhouse’s Fan pages used the Longhorn Steakhouse official logo. After the viral ad, the logo was altered to include a Longhorn Steakhouse location. The ad/post has also been removed from fan pages. To learn about genuine offers, promotions and rewards, it is best to visit the official Longhorn Steakhouse website. To learn more about Longhorn Steakhouse’s official discounts and special offers, click here.

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