Should I Size Up My Bridesmaid Dress If I’m Planning to Be Pregnant?

Pregnant-to-be bridesmaids often face the question of whether to size up their bridesmaid dresses or not. The changing body shape and size during pregnancy can make it difficult to determine the right fit for the dress. Ultimately, our goal is to empower pregnant bridesmaids to make the best choice for themselves while maintaining a harmonious bridal party aesthetic. 

Part 1. Factors to Consider

  1. It’s important to consider the timing of your dress order to allow for potential changes in your body. Ordering your bridesmaid dress too early may result in ill-fitting attire if you are in an unexpected situation. A safe time range to order your dress is around two months before the wedding. This time frame allows you to assess your pregnancy status and plan accordingly. If you are pregnant, you can easily accommodate your growing belly within this time frame. If you are not pregnant, wear the dress styles you like without worrying about pregnancy fitting.
  2. The importance of comfort and mobility for pregnant bridesmaids cannot be overstated. Pregnancy brings about physical changes that may affect how you feel in your dress. A too-tight or restrictive dress can cause discomfort and make it challenging to enjoy the wedding celebration fully.
  3. Alterations can be made to let out the waistline or add extra fabric to accommodate your changing body shape. Significant alterations to non-maternity dresses may alter the overall design and may only sometimes yield the desired outcome. Assessing the potential alterations required can help you decide if sizing up or choosing a maternity bridesmaid dress is a more practical and cost-effective option.
  4. Another factor to consider is the availability of maternity bridesmaid dress options. Many bridal retailers and designers offer a selection of maternity dresses designed to accommodate a growing belly while maintaining style and elegance. Maternity bridesmaid dresses are designed with extra room in the waist and hips, allowing for a comfortable fit throughout pregnancy. 

Part 2. How to Make Your Dress Fit Perfectly

  1. Be clear about your pregnancy weeks: Once you discover you are pregnant, see the doctor and be sure how many weeks you are. You can estimate the potential changes in your body size and shape.
  2. Take your measurements: Pay close attention to critical areas such as the bust, underbust, and around the belly. When measuring around the belly, allow at least 4 inches of extra room to accommodate your growing baby bump. Additionally, include an extra inch for other measurements to account for any general weight gain during pregnancy. So you need to go one size up in your early pregnancy. 

Part 3. Where to Find Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses

  1. Online retailers specializing in maternity wear: Some online retailers cater to maternity bridesmaid dresses. is a reputable retailer among them. They offer numerous special-needs bridesmaid styles, including maternity, modest, and maid-of-honor dresses. They understand the unique requirements of pregnant bridesmaids and provide a variety of styles and designs to choose from. Whether looking for a flowy empire waist gown or a fitted silhouette that flatters your baby bump, can help you find the perfect maternity bridesmaid dress.
  2. Bridal boutiques offering maternity dress options: Many bridal boutiques understand the importance of accommodating pregnant bridesmaids and offer a selection of maternity dress options. These boutiques often have experienced staff who can guide you through selecting a dress that fits your changing body shape. They may carry specific maternity dress collections or have the expertise to make necessary alterations to non-maternity dresses to accommodate your growing belly.

Start your search early to allow ample time for browsing, trying on dresses, and potential alterations if needed. Additionally, communicate your pregnancy and specific requirements with retailers or boutiques to ensure they can assist you in finding the perfect maternity dress. 

Remember that being a bridesmaid is about supporting the bride and celebrating love and joy. You can fully participate in the wedding festivities and create beautiful memories by prioritizing your comfort and well-being. Trust your instincts and choose a dress that makes you feel confident and radiant as you share on the couple’s special day.