Seven Things to Know About LONGER

You have the right to information, especially when dealing with a new product dealer. You should know about the company, the items it stocks, and more to make informed decisions. 

Under our radar is LONGER, a company that specializes in 3D printers and laser engravers. There is plenty to know about LONGER, particularly if you are encountering it for the first time. Sit tight as we present you with things to know about it. 

  • It Is Less Than a Decade Old in The Business

Most of us judge a company’s legitimacy and experience by its stay in the industry. It is an excellent way to evaluate a firm’s capability, though it may be misleading at times. For instance, LONGER has rave reviews praising its business conduct, yet it has been around for a short time.

It was established in 2016, but it is making significant strides in the industry, attracting several recognitions, such as being one of the best Chinese high-tech companies in the world. It is competing with other companies that have been around for a long time.

  • It Is a Chinese Company

Something that may catch many people by surprise is that LONGER is a Chinese startup, the brainchild of Dr. Lao and Dr. He. It has its headquarters in Longgang District, in Shenzhen, China. While it is a Chinese company, it has a worldwide presence with offices in various countries to serve multiple regions.

  • Its Product Catalog

LONGER has a decent catalog, with items like 3D printers, laser engravers, and their add-ons. Under 3D printers, you have two categories: FDM and resin printers. FDM printers include LK1, LK4, LK4 PRO, LONGER LK4 X and LK5 PRO. Resin printers are Orange 10, Orange 4K, and Orange 30.

Laser engravers are the Ray5 5w and 10w. You also find accessories for engravers and printers. 

  • The Smartphone App

Did you know that LONGER has an app? You need to download the app, MKSLaser, if you own a LONGER engraver. It is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones and helps to control the engraver remotely. The app allows you to turn the laser beam on and off, move the laser, monitor engraving, and transfer files.

  • The Shipping Policy Depends on Your Location

LONGER has a friendly shipping policy, though it varies depending on location. For instance, it takes 5-15 business days to ship in the US, Australia, and Canada, but it takes 3-15 for deliveries in Europe. Delivery in Asian countries varies between 10-20 business days. Shipping is free in the US and Europe, but it attracts a fee in Canada, Australia, and Asian countries.

  • The Affiliate Program

You should join LONGER’s affiliate program for passive income. If accepted for the program, you must share product links with potential customers. You earn an agreed-upon commission when your referral purchases an item.

  • The Discounts

LONGER has amazing discounts on its platform. They include the email subscription offer, where you get a $20 price cut for purchases above $300. Check out other offers on the site.

These are the things you need to know about LONGER. Visit its website to learn more.