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This post on Sally Mcneil Husband gives all details about her life as well as what has happened to her.

Are you aware that Sally Mcneil was in jail for the murder of her husband? She was behind bars for murdering her husband. Do you know where she’s at the moment? Sally, who has been held in jail for close to 25 years, is now enjoying her new life. In 2020, she was released from prison. This news is gaining attention in countries such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and others. Learn more about Sally Mcneil and her current life in Sally Mcneil Husband now.

Sally Mcneil

Sally Mcneil, a former American bodybuilder, is now a journalist. Because of an incident in 1996, she was featured in the media. After her husband’s death, she spent 19 years in prison. On Valentine’s Day 1995, she killed Ray, her husband and bodybuilder. She is now 62 and will share her story on the Netflix series. Sally Mcneil, Norfleet Steward’s new husband, is her current husband.

Sally Mcneil Family

Sally, while in prison, left her two children and her mother with her mother. She used to live far away from Sally’s home. She was visited by her children once a year. Sally and Ray’s two children were Shantina, and John. She is now at 62 years old, and she recently got married to a man who belonged to the same ethnic group. She was also accompanied by her children to the wedding of her mom.

Sally Mcneil Husband

Sally married Norfleet Stuart, a fellow member of the group, when she was 60. She currently lives in North California where she works as a warehouse worker. She also keeps in touch her children. John and Shantina were her children from her previous marriage. They attended Norfleet Stewart’s second wedding. Her husband encouraged her to keep in touch her children.

What was her reason for being imprisoned?

Sally claims she was awful in her marriage. One day she murdered Ray Mcneil, a fellow bodybuilder, in self-defense. He used to abuse her physically and their children supported them. They have all cried out that their father had assaulted their mother. She tried to escape, but she was still blamed and jailed for 25-years. Sally Mcneil First Husband made her miserable; she believes that. She has suffered a lot, but her children have been distant from her throughout her life. She was released from prison in 2020 following a 25-year sentence.

Sally Mcneil, Netflix

Sally will be telling her story in the Netflix series “Killer Sally”, where she shares her experiences with Ray over all these years. After so many years, she spoke about how she overcame it. Sally Mcneil Husband is now very supportive. Sally Mcneil Husband now says that they were married after Mcneil and Sally fell in love. Ray began hitting her three days into their marriage and she was fine with it. He was then shot twice by her with a shotgun. She killed him.


This article contains all of the information we have about Sally and Ray’s lives. We hope you will all learn more about Sally’s side of the story. Please visit the link to find out more about Sally.

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