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Ramsay Hunt Syndrome and treatment

The cause of this syndrome is an identical virus that can cause Chickenpox. However, the primary cause is the rupture in the nerve that runs through facial muscles close to one of the ear canals. Antiviral medications, such as acyclovir and corticosteroids such as prednisone are commonly used in the treatment of Ramsay Hunt syndrome. The majority of experts agree that beginning HIV treatment within 3 days after the beginning of treatment appears as the most effective since early detection and management appears to boost the results. The loss of facial paralysis and hearing can last for a long time.

Syndrome de Ramsay Hunt

A shingles-related outbreak that causes damage to the nerve root near the ear causes Ramsay Hunt. Ramsay Hunt can induce facial deafness and hearing loss in the affected ears, which can cause painful rash of chickenpox. The virus responsible for Ramsay Hunt is the same one that is responsible for Chickenpox. The virus stays in your nerves even after Chickenpox has gone away. It is possible to reactivate it many years after. It may cause damage to the facial nerves if this occurs. The early treatment of Ramsay Hunt syndrome can reduce the chance of complications like permanent particular facial weakness or the loss of hearing.

Ramsay Hunt Syndrome Cure

The syndrome is seen in 5 out of 100,000 people in the U.S. every year. Although the condition can be treated in certain conditions, it’s not curable in all cases. In certain cases hearing loss permanent and paralysis on half of the face are seen even after the treatment. If the condition is discovered in the first stage and is cured, it may be treated with a diagnosis however if it’s not detected, it is being treated with traditional treatments. The syndrome can also affect corneas of eye by damaging the nerves that control cornea. Thus, those affected should be treated with special attention to safeguard the cornea.

Ramsay Hunt Syndrome Curable

This condition is a little treatable, however in certain circumstances, it’s not. These are the symptoms that can aid in determining whether a person suffers from the Ramsay Hunt Syndrome or not.

  • Inside one ear there is a red rash that has blisters of liquid.
  • Paralysis or slowing of the face on the same spot.
  • Earache
  • The loss of hearing is very common issue.
  • Your ears are buzzing
  • It is difficult to close one eye
  • A spin or a moving sensation
  • The loss of taste or change in taste perception


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