Pokemon 27th Anniversary | Get Event Details Here!

Today was Pokemon Day. This annual, fan-focused pop-culture holiday celebrates the launch of the original Pokemon video game on February 27, 1996. A special Pokemon Presents video presentation streamed online to Pokemon fans all over the globe. The Pokemon Company group revealed new experiences that will be coming to the worldwide-popular entertainment franchise in 2023 during the presentation. Highlights included The Secret Treasure of Area Zero; new DLC for blockbuster Pokemon Scarletand Pokemon Violetvideogames; PokemonConcierge; a new stop motion Netflix series; Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic; a much anticipated update about Pokemon Sleep; the Pokemon GO Plus+ device; newly discovered Pokemon; and many in-game events.
In celebration of Pokemon Day’s worldwide fanbase, The Pokemon Company International released a digital mosaic. It was inspired by the famous Poke Ball. As part of a full year-long brand campaign, the mosaic is made up of photos and videos from fans who share their love for Pokemon.


The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero: Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet: Downloadable Content
The global sales of the Pokemon Scavelet, and Pokemon Purple videogames for the Nintendo Switch family exceeded 10 million units within three days of their worldwide launch. This was the highest total sales for any Nintendo software in that time period. The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero will allow fans to explore the world of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. Part 1: Hidden Treasure of Area Zero – The Teal Mask will launch in fall 2023. Part 2: The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero – The Indigo Disk will release at a later date. The Hidden Treasures of Area Zero are now available on Nintendo eShop. is the website that provides more information about The Secret Treasure of Area Zero.

The Pokemon Company has launched PokemonConcierge, a brand new series in partnership with Netflix. It expands the world of Pokemon with a new storyline, and uses stop-motion animation. PokemonConcierge was created in collaboration with dwarf studios. It will take place at the Pokemon Resort. The story follows Haru, a concierge, and the many Pokemon who visit. The teaser trailer, which was also released today, gives fans a glimpse into the new series. You can find more information on Pokemon CONcierge at the Netflix Newsroom.

Pokemon Trading Card Game
The Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic was created as a collaboration between Creatures Inc. and design firm nendo. It is a premium Pokemon Trading Card Game set that will last a lifetime. Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic includes everything a Pokemon TCG fan needs, including preconstructed decks as well as gameplay accessories. For more information on Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic, click.

Pokemon GO Plus and Pokemon GO Sleep +
Pokémon Sleep was first announced in May 2019. It aims to provide a fun and enriching experience for Trainers by allowing players to sleep, and the time they wake up, to affect the gameplay. Today, Pokemon Sleep was officially announced. It will launch for Android and iOS devices in the summer of 2023. Professor Neroli, who studies the sleep patterns of Pokemon–and Snorlax will be joined by fans to conduct research on how Pokemon sleep.

The Pokemon GO+ accessory utilizes Bluetooth(r) Low Energy technology for connection with smartphones apps to allow you to play Pokemon GO and Pokemon Sleep. The Pokemon GO Plus + allows players to automatically throw Poke Balls in Pokemon GO. Pokemon Sleep players can track their sleep using the device in conjunction with their smartphones. The Pokemon GO Plus + will become available July 14, 2023.

has more information on Pokemon GO Plus+ and Pokemon Sleep.


Pokemon Scarlett and Pokemon Violet
A Tera Raid Battle will be held in Pokemon Black and Pokemon Violet from Monday, February 27 to Sunday, March 12, 2023. Two new Paradox Pokemon will be available to trainers: Walking Wake in Pokemon Scarlet, and Iron Leaves Pokemon Violethas more information about the new Pokemon and the event.

Pokemon Go
Beginning Monday, February 27th, 2023 at 7:00 AM PST, trainers will be able connect Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Violet with Pokemon GO. After they have been connected, new gameplay experiences will be made available to each game. This includes new ways to interact and communicate with Vivillon or Roaming Form Gimmighoul. is the website for more information.

The Legendary Pokemon Zcian will join the fray for Pokemon UNITE to celebrate Pokemon Day. Players can use the dice they get by logging in (and other means) to advance squares of a board from Sunday, February 26 at 8:00 PM PST through Sunday, March 26 at 4:59 PM PDT. Players can earn adventure coins for completing each square’s missions. They can then exchange them to get a Zacian’s Unite licence. A gift code (POKEMONDAY), which is used to commemorate Pokemon Day, allows players to obtain a Zacian Pokemon boost emblem. This emblem has powerful effects in battle. has more information on this event.

Pokemon Café ReMix
Sprigatito and Fuecoco have just arrived in the Paldea region to rejoin Pokemon Cafe ReMix. If they participate in the current event, players can choose to add one of these three characters to their staff. Paldea plate will be a new dish inspired by Paldea Pokémon. From Monday, February 27, through Friday, March 17, 2023, the Welcome from Paldea event takes place. has more information on this event.

Pokemon Masters
Trainers have the opportunity to celebrate Pokemon Day and Pokemon Masters’s 3 Year Anniversary. They can also receive special log-in bonuses as well as new master sync pairs and log-in bonuses. As a celebration gift, all who log in today will be given 3,000 gems. Trainers will also be able to log in over the next weeks to receive additional bonuses such as a 5-Champ Champion Select Scout Ticket or 10-Pair Scout Tickets.


Pokemon World Championships
The 2023 Pokemon World Championships in Japan will take place at the PACIFICO Yokohama. This is the first ever. The Pokemon Company International today announced the dates for the event, which will take place from August 11-13. They also revealed special artwork that trainers can look forward too. Thematically, all touchpoints in the huge competitive event will be included by The Pokemon Company International. The Pokemon ScarletPokemon Violet video game, the Pokemon Trading Card Game and Pokemon GO will be the venues where participants will compete for the title. Information about Pokemon
The Pokemon Company International is a Japanese subsidiary that manages the property. It is responsible for brand management and licensing, marketing, home entertainment and the official Pokemon website. In Japan, Pokemon was first launched in 1996. It is today one of the most loved children’s entertainment properties. 

About Nintendo
Nintendo Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company based in Kyoto, Japan. It has established franchises such as Mario(tm), Donkey K(tm), The Legend of Zelda ™, Metroid ™, Pokemon(tm), Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing, Pikmin(tm), and Splatoon. Nintendo strives to provide unique entertainment experiences for all. They manufacture and market video games such as the Nintendo Switch (tm), family systems. Over 5.4 billion videogames have been sold worldwide and more than 800 million hardware units have been sold. Since the launch of Nintendo Entertainment System ™, more than 30 years ago to today, Nintendo has been creating unique entertainment that brings smiles to people around the globe. Nintendo of America Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary based in Redmond Wash. and serves as the headquarters for all of Nintendo’s America operations.

About Netflix
Netflix is one the most popular entertainment services in the world, with 231,000,000 paid members in more than 190 countries. They enjoy TV series, films, and games in a variety of genres and languages. You can watch, pause, and resume any of the content you want anytime, anywhere. And, members can also change your plans at any moment. President of The Pokemon Company International Kenji Okubo stated that Pokemon Day is the most exciting day for trainers and that they are honored to ‘Celebrate Pokemon Together’ with them. These new experiences reflect the expanding world of Pokemon and all the ways it continues connecting and bringing joy to people around the globe. We invite everyone to “Pokemon Together” in 2023.

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