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Pirouz Cheetah Cause of Death: Concerns have been raised about the fate this critically endangered species after the recent death of Pirouz (Iran’s only Asiatic Cheetah cub). With only 50 remaining wild Asiatic cheetahs, the Asiatic cheetah ranks among the most endangered big cats in the world. The species’ decline has been caused by habitat loss, poaching and other human activities. However, efforts are being made for its conservation and protection. Pirouz, a cub of Asiatic cheetahs, was successfully bred in captivity and provided hope for the species’ future. However, the loss of Pirouz represents a significant setback.

This article will talk about Pirouz’s fate and the importance of conservation of the Asiatic Cheetah. We also provide FAQs and a table that compares the conservation status and populations of different big cat species.

Pirouz Cheetah Death Cause

According to reports, Pirouz, Iran’s Asiatic cheetah-cub, died at Tehran Zoological Garden from kidney failure. Pirouz, a seven-month-old cheetah, had suffered from health problems for some time and was just seven months old. The country’s efforts in protecting endangered species such as the cheetah are now at a major loss. They have been on the verge of extinction because of poaching and habitat loss.

What happened to Pirouz Cheetah’s body?

Pirouz, an Asiatic cheetah cub born in captivity on August 20, 2022, was the first Iranian Asiatic cheetah to be born. The cubs’ birth was a major achievement in conservation efforts. The Asiatic cheetah, which is only 50 percent of its wild counterpart, was considered a landmark.

Iranian Cheetah Age

The Asiatic cheetah, a subspecies within the cheetah family, is an Iranian-native species. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) currently considers the species to be critically endangered. The Asiatic cheetah has a paler, smaller body than its African counterpart. There are only 50 wild individuals left, making the Asiatic cheetah one of the most endangered big cats in the world.


  • What is the difference between the Asian cheetah and the African cheetahs?

The Asiatic cheetah, which is smaller and less muscular than its African counterpart, has a paler and lighter coat. The tail is shorter and the skull structure is slightly different.

  • What is the threat to the Asiatic cheetah?

Poaching and habitat loss have made the Asiatic cheetah vulnerable. Its habitat has been drastically reduced by agriculture, mining and urbanization. Additionally, poaching for its valuable fur as well as its status as a trophy animal has had a major impact on its population.

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