Owen Wilson lost a lifetime pass to Rolling Stones concerts after accidentally walking on stage

Time was not on Owen Wilson’s side when it came to his Rolling Stones all-access concert ticket.

The Rolling Stones’ legendary rock band once gave the Paint star a lifetime pass that enabled him to attend any of their concerts anywhere in the globe, but it was later revoked after he unintentionally entered the stage during one of their performances in Argentina.

On Tuesday’s episode of The Late Late Show, Wilson said, “I was kind of friendly with some of the band and then my buddy was really good friends with Mick Jagger. We were given these unique laminates, which were essentially all-access and functional for the rest of your life.

The Stones’ Tattoo You tour was the first live performance Wilson ever saw, so he described the present as “really exciting” for him.

At the concert that evening, I was sort of trying it out by wandering around and saying things like, “I’m going to walk over here and see if anybody stops me. Wilson remarked to host James Corden and fellow visitor Jeff Goldblum, “And no one would halt me anywhere. “I found myself in the exact spot from where I could see Mick Jagger on the stage, and then, all of a sudden, during ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash,’ he bolts and comes running down.”

The frontman finally wound up sprinting right in front of a stunned Wilson.

He remembered, “I just sort of froze and tried to be inconspicuous, and it turns out he sorta came down and left where I was, which was kind of part of the stage a little bit. “And at that moment, someone rushed over while yelling, “Get out of here! Move! You have no business being here, I replied, “I didn’t know! I’m apologetic so much.

Wilson was troubled by the confusion the remainder of the night. That evening, he said, “I go to bed still thinking, ‘Well, gosh, that was kind of a gnarly experience.'” But nothing improved.

The following morning, Mick’s security squad called and asked, “Do you have that laminate?,” he continued. “Yes, I still have it,” she replied. “Okay, we’re coming over to pick it up.”

Wilson’s backstage pass waved farewell to Ruby Tuesday in an instant.

But the actor is aware that the removal of his lucky laminate was his error, or at the very least the fault of his wardrobe.

Wilson continued, “I was also sporting a white T-shirt and white pants, and if you’re at this part of the stage — where you’re not supposed to be — you should be sporting like dark colours where you blend in.” “So I understand, right? He has to put on a performance. He doesn’t need a goofball strolling around and annoying him.

But losing all that unfettered access was a real bummer for him. I only had it for 24 hours, Wilson bemoaned.