Olarikkara Kalidasan Death Cause | Know Facts Here!

Olarikkarakalidasan Cause of Death:- Olarikkarakalidasan, a popular captive elephant from Kerala, India, was known for his special talents and abilities. His extraordinary talents earned him widespread popularity and he was featured in numerous movies and festivals. His tragic passing left a gap in the hearts and minds of his supporters and fans. We will be discussing the details of his passing, as well as the cause.

Olarikkara Kalidasan Death Cause:

According to reports Olarikkara Kalidasan succumbed to internal injuries from a sharp object. According to the elephant’s mahout, he was believed to have been tortured by him and others in the area. This incident raised serious concerns regarding the treatment of captive elephants at Kerala, where there have been several similar cases in recent years.

Olarikkara Kalidasan Death Date:

Olarikkara Kalidasan died on May 2, 2016. The state was shocked by his death and mourned the loss. Many people used social media to share their condolences and spread the news about his death like wildfire.

Olarikkara Kalidasan Age:

Olarikkara Kalidasan, who was 38 at the time of his death, was born in 1978. He was a captive for the majority of his life. He had been trained to do various tasks such as lifting heavy objects or participating in festivals.

Olarikkara Kalidasan Details:

Olarikkara Kalidasan was owned by Karimkunnam Radhavan Pillai. He was well-known for his love of elephants. Kalidasan was a frequent user of the Kalidasan for temple procesions and other religious events. He considered it a valuable possession. Kalidasan was also well-known for his friendliness and was loved by many in the region. His sudden death in 2016 raised many questions about his treatment as well as the condition of captive elephants in Kerala. Protests and calls for tougher laws to protect these animals against cruelty and abuse grew from the incident.

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