New York Fair Share

NY Fair Share

What is the NY Fair Share?

The state of New York has different types of organizations and events that help their population. One of the most common one is the New York Fair Share. It’s an event that sponsors low income families and families of lower class to be able to afford housing and work.

In the 1970s, New York started building new types of housing, apartment blocks, like those in the Eastern European countries, to be able to house families with lower income. The state of New York and especially the city of New York has one of the highest housing prices in the country and with that comes many types of segregation issues, mainly affordability.

By creating the types of public housing apartment blocks, the state managed to give housing to those in need.

How did the NY Fair Share do today?

Although this project is more than 50 years old, the housing project did help a lot of families and today, the neighborhoods that consisted of these buildings and thriving neighborhoods with a lower crime rate than other neighborhoods.

This had to do with NYPD doing a routine check and a fair Employment Background Check, the same one that is being used for jobs is now used with housing.