Nakita Mortimer Suicide | Check Cause of Death

Find out the truth about Nakita Murtimer’s suicide. Since news broke of Dr Nakita Mortimer, resident anesthesiologist at Montefiore Hospital, committing suicide has spread like wildfire.

Nakita Murtimer Suicide

We share with great sadness the news of the tragic death of Dr. Nakita Mortimer, a well known Haitian-American resident physician at Montefiore Medical Center. Dr. Mortimer was a union organizer and anesthesiologist student who died last week in an apparent suicide. The death of the Holy Trinity High School grad was reported on May 24, 2023.

Reports state that Dr. Mortimer died from injuries caused by herself. According to condolences left on her Instagram page, she was suffering from severe depression and anxiety disorders. These mental illnesses can be devastating if they are not treated promptly.

The untimely passing of Dr. Mortimer is tragic for her family, the medical profession, and everyone she touched. This tragic event serves as a reminder of the importance and need for mental health awareness, and for resources and support to be available for those who are facing mental health issues.

Who Was Nakita Morttimer?

Dr. Nakita Morttimer was an enthusiastic student at the Montefiore Medical Center in The Bronx. This hospital is the University Hospital for Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Nakita earned her bachelor’s from New York University before pursuing a medical career. She continued her education at St. John’s University. She was loved by the Montefiore resident union for her outspokenness and advocacy of resident doctors.

Mortimer, as a Union Organizer at Montefiore Hospital, has consistently spoken out against the underpayment of resident doctors. She organized a protest in November 2021 to bring attention to the concerns of the resident doctors. In her words and actions, her dedication to advocating fair treatment and improved conditions for her colleagues was evident.

Nakita was born in Port-au-Prince and her Haitian background undoubtedly inspired her to make a positive contribution to the medical field. Her tragic death has left a hole in the medical field. Her commitment to fight for the rights resident doctors will always be remembered by her peers and colleagues.

Nakita Morttimer Cause Of Death

It has been reported that Dr. Nakita Mortimer’s apparent suicide was the cause of her death. This talented and passionate person’s tragic death has saddened all those who knew her.

This is a good reminder to address mental health issues and provide support for those who are struggling. In the information available, it is not known what caused her death. We are saddened by this loss and send our condolences to Nakita’s family, colleagues, and friends.

Nakita Moortimer Obituray

Dr. Nakita Mortimer, a beloved physician and advocate of residents and other physicians, passed away tragically. She was a respected resident doctor at Montefiore Medical Center in Norwood, New York. This is one of the most prominent teaching hospitals in New York City.

Nakita was a key player in the voluntary union registration movement among Montefiore residents and fellows. She participated actively in the November 1 news conference, where the group highlighted challenging conditions that are still present today.

Nakita bravely demanded, along with over 1,200 fellows and residents, improved benefits such as increased family leave, better compensation, and higher wages.

She fought for the rights overworked physicians, highlighting the need for fair compensation and adequate staffing. Nakita, along with her colleagues, called for an increase in the number of support staff and yearly bonuses to ease their strain. They called attention to the alarming suicide rates in the medical profession, and stressed the need for urgent change.

Nakita’s close friend and family medicine resident, Dr. Noa Nessem, described Nakita as a committed physician who believed Montefiore was capable of doing better for its residents and fellow doctors.

Nakita’s unwavering dedication to improving the healthcare system of the United States has led her to become a strong proponent of forming a trade union. She recognizes the importance of collective actions to address the vulnerabilities in the healthcare system. Local elected leaders from the Bronx provided Nakita with invaluable support throughout her endeavors.

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