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Here is the Myhaircolorbox information. This will help you determine if scams or if they are a trustworthy company. You can find the answer in our Myhaircolorbox review.

Myhaircolorbox is now listed as a fraudulent website due to these drawbacks:

Contact Information

Its email address at does not correspond to its domain. You can find it on several scam sites. Its phone number 281-210-3041 can also be found on several scam sites.

Security of website

It has posted the fake trust seal logos McAfee and Norton to its Product Details pages. Your personal and financial information, including your credit card information, could be stolen if this site is visited.

Social Media Presence

No social media icons can be linked directly to the company’s own social media pages. However, social media share icons may be available. Most online shops offer social media icons related to business-related social media pages, pages, and profiles. However, the online store may not have any social media presence.


Its website theme and many other details match numerous scam websites.

Offers and Discounts

This site has many products listed for sale, some with very large discounts. Scam websites often offer discounts that are too high to lure people into their scams. It listed these products as a sale: Drawer Roller Cabinet Cabinet Tool Chest Kit (Contains 61 tools), Color Changing Lead Strip with DIY Remote for Storage Garden Kitchen Tools Wall Hanger for Home Goods (4 Places with 4 Hooks, silver), Washing Machine Stand featuring 4 Locking Swivel Wheels (8 Adjustable feet), etc.

Customer Complaints Delivery

You will find many similar online stores that offer customer support and complain about their product quality, delivery speed, and product quality.


These facts support the conclusion that Myhaircolorbox has been a fraud online store.

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NOTE: These websites are known to change their website’s name and whole content from time time. So the above review is based upon the information that was available on its website at the aforementioned date. If you find other information than what we have given in our review, this means that the online store has changed its details. But, it is still suspicious.

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