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Are you aware of whom Moonbin is? Moonbin is a cult figure who is the most talked about person in town. Are you interested to find out what is the reason behind his popularity? This information has been shared across all social media websites. The readers of Worldwide are talking about Moonbin.

To understand the full details of the Moonbin’s drama Wiki we’ll look into each aspect of the story in depth. Continue reading the following details for more details. The story of life and death is told by reciting the following article in the Moonbin Drama Wiki. Are you aware of whom Moonbin is? Moonbin is a cult figure who is the talking point of the town. Are you interested in knowing what is the reason behind his popularity? This information has been circulating across all social media websites. The readers of Worldwide discuss Moonbin. To understand the full details of the Moonbin’s Drama Wiki we’ll examine each element of it thoroughly. Continue reading the details below for more details.

Information about Wiki for Moonbin Drama

Moon Bin was a singer and actor from South Korea. As a group, the boy band ASTRO was formed in February 23rd, 2016 as part of the Fantagio label. Moon Bin was the main musician and dancer. He began his modeling career in the year 2004 when he was a youngster.

He took footage with the Samsung CF when he was young. He took part in an iTeen Fantagio Audition in 2012 along with Kang Chanhee and Lee Jaesung.

Moonbin Astro Wiki Drama-

The Moment at Eighteen 2019 to be Continued 2015 along with Mermaid Prince 2020 are some of Moon-Bin’s most famous works.

Moon Bin is a quick biography Moon Bin Moon Bin

Real name Moon Bin Professionally known for the roles of DJ, singer and actor. She is also a dancer, actor, and Model Date of birth 26 January 1998. Born in Cheongju, North Chungcheong, South Korea Parents name Unknown.

He is a member of Astro Group Affair Unknown Nationality Korean School Hanlim Multi Art School Siblings Sister-Moon Sua Agency Fantasy Died on the 19th of April 2023 in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea.

He’s gone The announcement of his passing is being discussed on a variety of social media platforms including Twitter. On the post that went viral, users are expressing their opinions and offering condolences.

On the 26th of January 2023 Astro’s Moon Bin performed at a Chanel event in Seoul. Moon Bin, a K-pop singer and a part of the boy group Astro was killed on Thursday, aged 25. On Instagram Moon Bin is being followed by many users.

On February 23rd, 2016, Moonbin made his debut on stage as an actor in the boy band of six members Astro. Five songs were included in their first extended show, Spring Up, which includes the single that was their lead track, Hide & Seek. He been able to renew his agreement with Fantagio.

What is the Cause of Death?

Moonbin, a member of Astro South Korean boy band Astro named Moonbin has committed suicide at his residence in Seoul’s Gangnam neighborhood. The singer-actors’ manager of the neighborhood found his body on April 19 at about 8.10 p.m. at KST.

The company that manages Fantagio, the South Korean band Astro, Fantagio has confirmed Moonbin’s death via a statement declaring that the singer had changed into a Star in the night sky. Police have told South Korean news outlets that they are still discussing whether an autopsy should be conducted to determine the precise cause of the singer’s death.

The singer shared his latest Instagram post on the 31st of March. On the page, he acknowledged an item and posted a photo of that product’s image on the profile of his Insta profile. The information about that he died was posted via the profile of his Insta profile.

The fans of the deceased are calling him by his nickname AROHA in the comments on his post about his death. Fans are shocked to learn of his demise and leave feedback on the blog post.

The post was also a viral hit on Reddit. He was gone from the world at an young age. The members of his band posted the message on Reddit.

When has he Passed Away?

In the night that evening of the 19th April 2023 Moonbin was found dead in his Seoul home’s Gangnam neighborhood. The manager found him after his absence from rehearsals.


We haven’t received any information about the funeral.


Moon Bin was a successful star and popular singer. Moon Bin’s suicide death has put all of us in shock. However, investigations are in progress.

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