Michelle Castillo Murder | How Did Michelle Castillo Die?

Michelle Castillo Murder. Michelle Castillo, a mother of five, was found hanging from her Ashburn, Virginia showerhead with an electric cord around her neck. Her family was stunned. The happy-go lucky mother of five never had suicidal tendencies. She had always longed for a life with her kids. Investigation Discovery’s “On the Case with Paula Zahn: no Escape” portrays the horrific murder and how a police investigation revealed a sinister plot fuelled by hatred and rage. Let’s dive into this case and discover the identity of the murderer.

How Did Michelle Castillo Die?

Michelle Castillo Murder: Michelle Castillo was a proud mother of five and lived in Ashburn’s Belmont Station Road home. She had also filed a protective order against the husband.

Michelle Castillo: Where is Braulio Castillo? Michelle was able finalize her divorce terms March 19, 2014. Michelle was able to finalize her divorce terms on March 19, 2014. He called a neighbor to help him. Michelle was not located so police searched the entire house.

Michelle was found hanged from a bathroom showerhead and was found dead. One of her children gave a statement to confirm that officers had also checked Michelle’s bedroom for blood traces. They were sent to further testing.

Michelle Castillo Was Killed

Michelle Castillo Murder: Authorities were unable to complete their primary investigation due to lack of witnesses and leads.

Braulio Castillo Where Are You Now? While Braulio was confirmed to be present at the crime scene, the police didn’t have enough evidence to charge him. Braulio and Michelle Castillo were both arrested and charged.

Where Is Braulio Castillo Now?

Braulio Castillo: Where is he Now? Braulio claimed innocence when he was brought to court. Braulio Castillo claimed innocence when he was brought to court.

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