Miami Lakes Murder Suicide | Check Where Is The Hotel?

This article contains information about the Miami Lakes Murder Suicide Incident and details about the investigation facts.

Are you curious about what happened in the Miami Lakes? Why is everyone talking about the murder-suicide? United States readers and others want to know more about the murder-suicide victims of the Miami Lakes.

Read the entire article to find out more about Miami Lakes Murder Suicide.

What happened at Miami Lakes?

Five bodies were discovered at the crime scene. They had been shot dead. The bodies were discovered by police on Friday morning after a relative of one victim called the police, unable to reach the person.

Miami Lakes Hotel incident

The incident took place at a house located in the 14800 block Northwest 87th Court. Several police cars arrived on the scene to investigate the incident after the bodies were discovered.

Police stated that five bodies were found inside the house, including three men and three women. Their bodies were found with gunshot wounds, which proves that this is a murder case. However, some of the victims’ identities are not known.

Is this suicide?

The police investigation into the Miami Lakes Auto Mall murder case revealed that one adult had killed all four. The person who killed the four victims, regardless of gender, committed suicide.

Police are also treating this case as suicide. Everyone was shocked, particularly Americans. Everyone wants to know the truth about the incident and the perpetrator.

Have the identities of the victims been revealed?

Police can only identify two people, so not everyone’s identities will be revealed. Rolando Aguilar, however, was one of the victims’ relatives. His ex-wife Joanka, and his son Dhani were both among the victims in the murder-suicide investigation.

To find out all possible clues, the police are currently investigating the Miami Lakes Theater as well as the area surrounding it.

Have there been any developments?

Police are currently trying to find information on the victim, but no report has been filed. According to a neighbor, one victim was moved from Cuba to the US recently.

Although the neighbours were able to inspect the scene, they weren’t ready to speak with police officers. According to police, they wanted to verify all facts and find every clue about Miami Lakes Restaurants.

Final Words

Police are currently investigating the mass murder murder case. Let’s hope they solve it soon.

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