McDonald’s temporarily closes US offices, prepares layoff notices

McDonald’s temporarily closes US offices, prepares layoff notices

McDonald's temporarily closes
McDonald’s temporarily closes

The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday that McDonald’s Inc. is closing its U.S. offices this week to tell corporate staff of layoffs as part of a company restructure.
The article stated McDonald’s sent an internal email last week to U.S. and some overseas employees asking them to work from home from Monday through Wednesday to make personnel decisions electronically. Layoff numbers are unknown.

The Journal reported that the Chicago-based corporation would announce significant position and employee decisions on April 3.

The article reportedly said McDonald’s urged staff to cancel any in-person vendor and other outside meetings at corporate headquarters.

McDonald’s didn’t respond to Reuters’ request for comment.

In January, the fast-food giant stated it would reassess corporate employment numbers as part of a new business plan, which might result in layoffs and expansion.

McDonald’s will announce major decisions on Monday.

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